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When you need support for criminal defense or a personal injury lawsuit in Bradenton, Florida, you need to turn to an attorney who has extensive experience in these areas of the law, who can help advise and guide you through the process of your entire case.
Having legal representation sooner rather than later positions you to better understand all of the options available to you and to make educated decisions about how to proceed.
Attorney Thomas C. Grajek has represented personal injury victims and criminal defendants for years. He brings a passion for upholding the rights of the accused and those who have suffered in an accident to the table to work from the very beginning of a case for the client’s best interest.

Bradenton Personal Injury Attorneys

Immediately following an accident, in which another party’s reckless behavior caused you to sustain injuries, you deserve to have a lawyer at your side guiding you through the case. These accidents can include dog bites, slip and fall injuries, motorcycle accidents, and car accidents.
Whether someone just wasn’t paying attention, was driving under the influence or was otherwise negligent in causing the accident, you need to learn more about the personal injury services offered by an experienced attorney in Bradenton.

Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have recently been accused of a crime, you cannot hesitate to act and leverage your right to speak to legal representation.
An attorney can assist you with misdemeanor and felony charges and prepare you for what to expect moving forward. It is important to avoid speaking to police officers and to enable your criminal defense attorney to start handling your case sooner rather than later.

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Thomas C. Grajek is an attorney with extensive experience in both criminal law and personal injury law. Regardless of the type of circumstances you are currently facing, Thomas C. Grajek can step in to help prepare you for what to expect and how best to proceed.
In the trying times of attempting to recover from an accident or figuring out what to do next after you have been accused of a crime, you deserve to have an attorney who cares just as much about your future as you do Schedule a consultation with our Bradenton, Florida personal injury and criminal defense attorneys today.