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How To Find The Best
Lawyer For Child
Pornography Charges

Child pornography is a serious charge which can result in long jail sentences, ruined reputations, and ostracization from friends, family, and community.

It’s not an easy thing to face. Without the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, child pornography charges can be utterly overwhelming and spell the end of your life as you know it.

While the situation may seem dire, there are many things a qualified defense attorney can do for you.

The right defense attorney will help ease the immediate legal burden, handling documents and filings while making themselves available to answer questions and provide advice. They will begin preparing your legal defense.

Your lawyer will represent you at trial and argue in your defense. They may be able to help get charges dropped, or sentences reduced.

Without a qualified child pornography lawyer on your side, you’ll be left to face the worst of the justice system with no one in your corner.

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What Is Child Pornography Law?

Under United States law, any visual depiction of sexual explicit behavior involving minors is illegal to possess and is considered child pornography.

These depictions can include photographs, videos, illustrations, paintings, and anything which features a visual depiction.

Child pornography is divided into two classifications: real and simulated. Simulated includes drawings, animations, and digitally generated material which sexually depicts minors. Real material includes photographs and videos which include underaged individuals.

To qualify as child porn, the imagery depicted does not need to involve sexual activity. Nudity or sexually suggestive material involving minors can also be classified as child porn.

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What Are The Legal Defenses To Child Porn

There are many legal defenses which your lawyer may employ to defend against child pornography charges.

The most common include:

  • Unintended Possession: This defense purports that you acquired the child pornography accidentally, such as by navigating to the wrong websites or recieving it through an e-mail or text message. Or that you intended to view pornographic material, but were not aware that it contained underaged individuals.
  • Not Child Pornography: The material in question must be definitively be shown to be child pornography.
  • Not In Possession: If the material was found on a shared computer or in a shared storage space, it may be possible to prove that it was not in your possession but owned by someone else sharing the space.
  • Illegal Search: In some cases, law enforcement may behave outside the letter of the law to obtain evidence. If it can be shown that evidence was obtained without following procedure, the evidence may be admissible.

Charges Relating To Pornography

Child pornograhpy charges can vary based on how you used the material.

If you are found to be distributing the material (such as through the internet or physically through images, discs, or other methods,) you may be facing much more severe charges than someone found to simply be in possession of child pornography.

Those involved in the production of child pornography face stiffer penalties still. Even if not directly involved with the production, anyone involved in enticing or luring minors to produce child pornography may also be committing a crime.

Related Sex Crimes Laws

Child pornography offenders may often be scrutinized or investigated for related sex crimes. This may include child molestation, child sexual abuse, or a variety of other charges.

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What Qualifies Someone As A Sex Offender?

Anyone who has been convicted of a sex crime qualifies as a sex offender and must register with the sex offender registry.

The exact definition of sex crimes can vary between jurisdictions. However, there are a few crimes which are universally defined as sex crimes. They include child pornography, rape, sexual assault, incest, and prostitution, among others.

Being a convicted sex offender has serious consequences. It can make it difficult to find work and housing, as well as severely damage your reputation

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Child Pornography FAQs

When should I hire a child pornography lawyer?

If you or a loved one are facing child pornography charges, contact a child pornography lawyer immediately.

What can I do if falsely accused of a sex crime?

Any time you are accused of or charged with a sex crime — whether it is false or not — seek a qualified attorney immediately. If you are falsely accused, a competent lawyer can help to defend you and provide the evidence of your innocence.

Can someone be removed from the sex offender registry?

Some states do offer an opportunity to be removed from the sex offender registry, or only require a person to be registered for a set amount of time. If your state allows for removal from the registry, you will have to petition the court for removal.


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