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Do False Confessions happen in Polk County Criminal cases?

A False Confession is when someone confess, or makes a statement, confessing that they committed a crime when, in fact, the person is innocent and DID NOT commit the crime.
Tonight 60 Minutes aired an episode about false confessions.  The story focused on more false confessions in Chicago than anywhere else.  This is a VERY real problem in criminal cases and does happen much more than people think is possible.
How could anyone confess to a crime they did not commit? How could someone confess to such a heinous crime a child molestation or capital sexual battery, if they did not commit that crime? Impossible right? WRONG!
People are under tremendous pressure when being interrogated accused of a crime.  How would it feel when you are taken to the police station or told to come down to the sheriff's office to talk to a detective?  You have no attorney, no family, and you are accused of a serious crime.  Many people do not know their rights and they are scared.  The human mind is a very powerful thing and can play tricks on you.  Ever have someone almost convince of something you know is not true? Ever have anyone accuse you of something you did not do? How did you feel? What happens if the police or detective starts telling you details and says he knows you did it?  These are just some of the psychological tricks used on innocent people.
An experienced criminal attorneys knows that False Confessions happen more than innocent people, jurors, or courts believe.  How?  Because there are statistics on False Confessions.  Many people who have been convicted of rape or sexual battery have been serving long prison sentences.  Years ago, the police collected DNA evidence, but the science was not there to analyze the DNA sample.  Now that science has caught up to the evidence, over 300 people have been released from jail nationwide due to analyzing that old DNA evidence collected years ago, but never analyzed.



One innocent person wrongly imprison, is 1 too many.

 As the story on 60 Minutes explained, many people are stunned False Confessions could occur.  Why would anyone confess to a crime they did not commit? Especially rape or murder!  As the story explained, it is due to the way police question suspects.  The police on 60 Minutes were having their interrogation practice being investigated by the justice department.  In the episode, all the juveniles were found guilty and the only evidence was a false confession.  These men missed their family, parents and family that passed away while in prison.  As the false confession expert explained, the suspect was not allowed to have a parent there even though he was a  juvenile and not let the suspects have an attorney.  There were several detectives questioning over several hours, yelling, and scaring them, telling the juveniles they will never go home unless they confessed.  The confession was prepared by the police and the details did not match the crime.  It is very difficult to convince people that when a suspect recants the confession or statement, that they are doing so because they are innocent.  Even the prosecutor featured on the show still did not believe these innocent men.
There are other ways police can convince someone they committed a crime.  Promises made of freedom, a lesser sentence, alternatives to make you look "less guilty", or that the police officer will "speak to the prosecutor and court on your behalf".  I see this happen to good people all the time.  The deputy or cop knows more than you about criminal law, so he must know what he is talking about, right? WRONG!  I see it in ALL criminal cases from sexual battery to DUI.
Do not let this happen to you!  Retain an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.  Call and speak to me today!  Protect yourself and your rights!  When the outcome of a criminal arrest can affect your freedom and life, it is important for you to have someone on your side fighting for you in court!




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