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Hillsborough County Drug Drug Court – Diversion Program

Charged with a drug crime in Tampa, Florida? The Hillsborough County Drug Court Program offers people arrested for drug charges a second chance. Upon successful completion of one of these programs, ALL CHARGES WILL BE DROPPED!

You need a drug court lawyer to help you get into this program.

That’s where I come in.

Call me today for a free consultation, and let me fight to get you admitted into a Hillsborough County drug court diversion program so you can have a chance to stay out of jail and have the charges against you dropped.

Hillsborough County Adult Drug Pretrial Intervention Court (PTI)

The Adult Drug Pretrial Intervention Court is a diversion program in Hillsborough County designed to give first time offenders facing drug charges a second chance. The PTI program requires the accused to sign a contract with Florida State Attorneys, agreeing to treatment for drug addiction and rehabilitation. In exchange, the state’s attorney office agrees to drop the charges against the accused if they follow through with their treatment and any other requirements outlined in their contract.
Diversion Law Program
Judge Jack Espinosa, Jr. presides over the Hillsborough County PTI drug diversion program, and four probation officers facilitate and monitor people on probation or in drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment under the program.
Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office, Inc. (DACCO) provides treatment for people in the PTI program, although other organizations also help out when specialized treatment is needed. Specialized drug treatment organizations used by the Hillsborough County drug court include: Avon Park, Tri-County Addictions, Operation PAR, Phoenix House, Westcare, Crossroads for Residential Programs, First Step of Sarasota, and ACTS.

Minimum Requirements for PTI Drug Court Participation

To qualify for participation in the program a person must:

  • Admit they are addicted to drugs
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Want help recovering
  • Not Have a Felony or Drug Charge on Record
  • Sign a waiver of rights written by the state’s attorneys

Types of Treatment DACCO Provides

  • Group & Individual Counseling
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Support Groups
  • Urine & Blood Testing for Drugs
  • Check-ins with Probation Officer

In addition, a representative of DACCO or other treatment center providing counseling will report to Judge Espinosa about the progress of the PTI participant.
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What is a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program and how does it work?
The pre-trial intervention program is a diversion program that offers first-time offenders an alternative to court sentencing.
What does asset forfeiture mean when it comes to Florida drug charges?
Asset forfeiture is when the government seizes some, or all, of your property. Typically, this happens because some of your property has links to the trade in narcotics.
In Florida, what do “drug schedules” mean?
Drug schedules are different categorizations of drugs. Each narcotic gets assigned a category based on its medical importance and potential for abuse.
The penalty imposed on the possession of a narcotic is also affected by the drug’s schedule.