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Have you recently been hurt in a construction accident and are concerned about how to proceed to protect your rights? It can be especially complicated to be hurt in a construction zone, whether you’re a contractor or an employee. Knowing your rights and hiring a construction accident lawyer immediately increases your chances of exploring all options available to you. A knowledgeable construction injury attorney can evaluate the specifics of your case and make recommendations about your next steps.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Construction Accidents?

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for people to work in as it regularly tops the list of dangerous professions in terms of injuries and fatalities. Construction sites are dangerous places at any point in time because they involve tools, heavy equipment, and other materials that might be associated with different tasks or even an inexperienced crew. With subcontractors, contractors, and employees on site, not all tasks might be completed in line with established safety standards.

If someone you know has become a victim of wrongful death or injured in a construction accident, you need the support of a Florida construction injury attorney as soon as possible. Some of the most common types of construction accidents include fatal car accidents, forklift accidents, dangerous machinery malfunctions, lifting injuries, explosions, electrical shock and electrocution, exposure to hazardous chemicals, ladder accidents, scaffolding accidents, crane accidents, and errors in truck loading and unloading.

Construction accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime on site. Even a worker that has gone out of their way to wear all safety gear and follow all protocol can find themselves as the unsuspecting victim in a construction site accident.

Damages after a Construction Site Accident

You may be eligible to receive compensation for numerous types of damages after a construction injury including lost wages, future medical costs, rehabilitation costs, medical expenses, future wages, if you cannot return to work and non-economic costs such as scarring and disfigurement or pain and suffering. Your attorney can discuss with you whether or not it makes sense to evaluate a current settlement offer or to fight in court.

Your damage recovery might be your only hope of getting the help you need and paying your bills. Make sure that you consider all the ways that this impacts your future, such as future medical expenses and inability to go back to work.

Common Types of Construction Accident
Claims and Lawsuits

Construction accident injuries can be linked to third party liability claims as well as workers’ compensation claim. Workers harmed in construction accidents in Florida are entitled to workers’ compensation that will cover the cost of their medical treatment and their lost wages throughout a period of disability. They might also be eligible for lump sum settlements and lifetime permanent disability payments.

There can also be claims against a defective product manufacturer or another third party. Every valid legal claim should be explored with the support of your construction accident attorney. An attorney will be able to evaluate the specifics of the incident and decide whether or not multiple parties could be held accountable for the injuries you sustained. It can be very confusing to be involved in this process when you have been hurt and are attempting to focus primarily on your recovery and next steps. Make sure that you have found a construction accident lawyer who is thoroughly experienced in this area of the law. Injuries such as back injuries, broken bones and fractures, amputations, deep lacerations, permanent scarring, and spinal cord injuries can all lead to legal claims.

If a third party, like a machine manufacturer, created a dangerous product, a claim can be filed against them separately from workers’ comp. If a contractor company on the scene failed to provide the right safety gear, there’s also a claim against them as well. A proper investigation of the accident should take place as soon as possible to ensure you’ve considered all possible liability issues.

Additional circumstances that could prompt a lawsuit include an insurance carrier taking excessive time to process your claim, an employer retaliating against you for filing a claim, or if your employer has not purchased mandatory workers’ compensation insurance.


Construction Accidents FAQ

Why Should I Contact A Construction Accident Attorney?

 If your case is complex or you feel that there’s a third party liability issue, a construction accident attorney should be used for the investigation, the filing of claim, help with appeals from workers’ comp, and litigation. As an injured person, you have enough to worry about.


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