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Stories of people helped by Lakeland, FL criminal defense attorney Tom Grajek

I became a criminal defense lawyer because I’m passionate about standing up for people facing charges. Every case is an opportunity to protect someone’s future, and every win makes a huge difference in a client’s life.

Don’t take my word for it. Read on to find out how real people in Polk County and throughout Florida have been helped by Thomas C. Grajek, Attorney at Law.

Client Testimonials

Excellent experience. Kind and caring and very engaged in my case. Fought for me to get me a great result. Responsive and diligent. Thanks Tom!

- Rick D.

Tom is an awesome lawyer. Very professional and straight to the point which I loved. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer. Everything he said he was able to do he did it and then some for me. Thank you again very much.

- Jennifer S.

I would recommend Mr Grajek to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney he went above and beyond for my case and is very knowledgeable in all that he does I appreciate everything he did for me and will recommend anyone to him.

- G.

I was very lucky to fine such a great attorney for my son. I called Atty Grajek to help fight for my son’s right to be notified of some pending charges. He not only found what my son was being charged with, he quickly moved to get the case to a resolution with better than expected results. Atty Thomas Grajek was always responsive and available to answer any of my questions, even weekends! It was a great relief to know he was on the case. Look no further, if you are looking for an attorney that will answer your calls & questions and get great outcomes. Not many attorneys out there like Thomas Grajek.

- T.A.

I contacted Tom because I had a domestic violence charge. Tom was there to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease when I was concerned. Tom was able to get my charges dropped. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for help. He was there no matter what time of day it was. I wish I could give him more stars than 5.

- J.C., Lakeland, FL

Sharp trial attorney, I dealt with him over 9 month and was very impressed with him in action which was completely different than his office visits and his determination to win and not just let things happen, the amount of preparation, his ability to think on his feet and change gears, his questioning skills and the legal mind to get the results he is after. Id recommend him to family and friends any day.

- Brian S.

Visited Tom with my husband serval times because his life was at stake and he asked for my opinion on him. I always felt good about him until preparations began which he came unleashed and scared me watching him grill my husband like nothing I’ve ever seen because I didn’t understand what was about to take place in the courtroom. Needless to say we choose the right attorney for the job!

- Trudie S.

I think Tom is one of best attorneys around the Polk County area. He is exceptionally good at communication when most attorneys are hard to get in touch with. He is very educated and an expert in the areas he specializes in. He is always going to conferences to perfect his craft. I would recommend him 100%. You will not be disappointed in Tom!

- Todd D., Lakeland, FL

Excellent Lawyer, He appeared on my behalf at court and was able to get my case dismissed. I can't thank him enough!

- Luke A.

Tom has helped me with two cases. He won both by the way but that’s besides the point. He is highly intelligent, reasonably priced, and incredibly honest. My first case was very challenging, he handled it for an employee of mine who was very important to the business. He was up front about the challenges we may face and he was correct about all of them. End of the day he got the job done and really did a fantastic job. Second case for me personally. I called him to see if I was in the wrong and he let me know his thoughts on it, we decided to fight it and prevailed in court! Would not have been able to succeed without him and I will only use him going forward.

- Anonymous

Gave him very little to work with. Tom sat through the pandemic with me and all the chaos that ensued. Nightmare of a case if I was an attorney and he fought for me for way better result than I ever could have hoped for. Glad there are still practitioners out there like him. Thank you Tom!


I hired Mr. Grajek to help us with a court case. He was highly professionally , excellent attorney and went out of his way to help us obtain the results we were hoping for. I would highly recommend Tom for your legal needs he is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and results oriented.

- Phaedra

Attorney Grajek took my case last minute and got all charges dropped. He was very knowledgeable and professional and I would recommend him to anyone with a criminal case. He handled my case in a timely fashion and returned everyone of my calls and emails. His office is also very clean and organized.

- James

Mr Grajek was referred to me by another lawyer because my case is in a county that the other lawyer seldom practices in. Mr. Grajek was willing to respond to my call in the late evening. What impressed me is that he had already looked me up and knew details about me and who my judge would be, etc. He asked all of the right questions and answered all of mine. He explained the whole process thoroughly. A couple other lawyers tried to give me the quick sales pitch and quick close. Mr. Grajek treated me as though I was already his client from the beginning. I felt comfortable with him and he is at the top of my list for lawyers that I'm considering.

- Anonymous

I was on Probation when I got into more trouble which got me a VOP with ( NO BOND ) I was looking at 3 to 5 years in Jail but with Mr. Grajek's experience and knowledge in the courtroom. Not only did he get the remainder of my probation terminated. I was released from Jail the very next day! I was in disbelief but so thankful that I had him on my side in court with me!

- Darrell

Mr. Grajek got my case dismissed so fast, I did not even have to go to court. I was referred to him by a friend of mine that said he was the best lawyer they have ever dealt with. He explained the strategy he was going to use for my defense by using terms that made the court process easy for me to understand. He started working on my case immediately and my charges were dismissed in less then 2 weeks. He is very nice and professional, but also aggressive and smart, which was just what I needed.

- Nicole

I was referred to Mr. Grajek by another local attorney to handle my DUI case. After spending about 20-30 mins in his office for a consultation on my case I knew he was the best attorney to defend my rights. He was direct and honest about expectations based on the evidence. Tom was willing to put in the work to defend me. He kept me well informed along the way, and made the dreaded DUI experience as stress free as possible. He’s willing to use his knowledge and expertise to put in the work for the most favorable outcome. His HARDWORK paid off in my case, which resulted in the charges being dropped. If you’re looking for the best representation in Polk County, he’s your guy!

- Nick

My fiancé was caught driving with a suspended license (2nd time) and was involved in an accident. The state wanted to give him 90 days in jail and revoke his license for a long time. We called Mr Grayjek and he was so personable and attentive! My fiancé ended up reinstating his license and changed his driving with a suspended license 2nd offense to invalid license and my fiancé walked away with just fines and a 4 hour driving online class! He kept us updated after each court session with what was said. Thank you Attorney Grayjek!!!!

- Karla

When our family was in a sticky situation, We hired Mr. Grajek. I am beyond thrilled with our choice. Called Tom and he was on the case right then and there without any hesitation. He fights to win your case. I would highly recommend Tom for any case!! Bey professional, gives it to you straight and to the point!

- Michael

Excellent Attorney....called this attorney on a Saturday. He was quick to call me back and even gave me free advice as to how to handle the situation we were in. We ended up hiring him best decision we made. Would recommend this attorney to anyone.

- Anonymous

When our family was in a sticky situation, I googled and read some reviews and came across Mr. Grajek. I am beyond thrilled with our choice. Called Tom and he was on the case right then and there without any hesitation. He fights to win your case. I would highly recommend Tom for any situation.

- Marvin

I have just moved to the Tampa area. I was intoduced to Tom after being arrested for a DUI. Within minutes of being bonded out Tom came to my place of employment with all needed documents to "get the ball rolling". He always kept me informed on my case and when the time came for my hearing, I plead guilty to wreckless and had no fines and very little commuity service. Thomas Grajek is a great attorney and I feel he would be a valuable assett in anyone's defense.

- Joseph

This attorney was recommended to us by a prior attorney in Tampa. Atty. Grajek is awesome, he refuses to over charge you. He is really honest and very upfront. He is one of the best i have gotten the pleasure to hire. He went over and above for me and my husband. I really do appreciate his grit and values.

- Cathy W.

Hiring Tom to help with our case was a great decision. I was at ease once he was representing us. Very knowledgeable and professional, from beginning to end he answered all our questions. Responde to our calls and text. He was persistent until we got a desired outcome. We highly recommend his services. Thank you for everything!

- Juanita S.

Mr Grajek is an awesome, thoughtful, and hardworking man. Not only did he obtain the results we wanted but he went over and above for my mother and made sure that my father and I were informed every step of the way. I cannot say enough good things about this Mr Grajek and will recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with legal issues.

- Adam K.

The best attorney hands down. Great knowledge of the law and communication skills ! He had the case dismissed. Will absolutely recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you Thomas.

- Axel C.

I cant say enough great things about Tom, i hired him to help my brother and he was so kind and helpful. Not only did he get the charges dropped but he was able to do it super fast. I would absolutely recommend Tom. Not to mention he didn't break my pockets and i truly appreciated that. Thank You again for working so diligently for my family <3

- Stacy E.

Everyone hits a bump in the road and needs the help from a professional occasionally.  In my case, I choose Thomas to represent me as I have a lot to lose! His knowledge of the laws, professionalism and experience allowed him to represent me in the best way possible!

- Bob S.

Attorney Grajek handled a very intricate and serious case for us over several months. We didn’t know how it would turn out, but he did his research and persisted on our behalf. Our highest recommendation.

- Andy D.

My license was going to be revoked and he was fast in responding back to me and getting everything done. Very nice and professional, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

- Michaela V.

I highly recommend Tom!  A few years ago I had to find an attorney for my husband and I was told to contact Tom, I called him and within minutes he returned my call, he fought hard for my husband and got what we wanted in 2 different cases ! Thank you for everything Tom!!

- Kelli B.

Mr. Grajek is a competent and confident attorney. He shows up on time and is well prepared to defend his client. I was very impressed with his professionalism in the court room. His straight to the point, no nonsense and direct attitude in his office could be a little concerning if you have had no experience with someone who defends criminal cases. His experience, advice and direct attitude was definitely eye opening for me. Would recommend him to anyone who is facing the legal system. I appreciated his direct, honest advice. Thankful he was the attorney who was highly recommended in our case. The type of attorney you want in your corner in a criminal case. His ability to think fast and know the appropriate questions to ask was impressive. Beyond grateful!

- Irene W.

Definitely the attorney you want in your corner when you are facing the legal system. Straight forward and honest about what he thinks. Doesn’t pull any punches.

- Brad W.

I contacted Tom because I had a domestic violence charge. Tom was there to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease when I was concerned. Tom was able to get my charges dropped. I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for help. He was there no matter what time of day it was. I wish I could give him more stars than 5.

- Jennifer S.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone! He is the best

- Jessica O.

Hands down, a very amazing attorney!!! Very reliable, very down to earth, and very dependable. He gets to the point quickly, formulates a plan and guides you through it. All that is required of you is your cooperation and patience and this man works magic. I highly recommend Mr.Grajek to anyone in need of a go getter type of attorney you will not be disappointed!!!

- Ryan G.

Mr. Grajek did an awesome job. We were very fortunate to find him. He is very knowledge of the law and a very experienced Lawyer. Always kept us informed. Thank you for representing us and getting our life back

- Vera G.

Attorney Endorsements

Unfortunately, I have often required the services of Tom Grajek for clients, family and friends.  I could not recommend Tom enough for his vigorous and effective representation.  He is not only extraordinarily knowledgeable, but very successful in reaching unexpected, seemingly impossible and successful resolutions.  As a law practitioner myself, I rely on Tom to provide clients that I refer to him with the best representation that can be found.  The best compliment I can provide is that I would hire him myself.

- Amanda Salcido

Tom is one of the most aggressive, knowledgeable DUI defense attorneys I know. I highly endorse him.

- Keeley Karatinos

Thomas is one of the best out there! He not only is an incredible advocate for his clients, but a great mentor to younger attorneys. He is one of the premier DUI/DWI attorneys in the area and has argued numerous innovative motions on behalf of his clients. I would highly recommend Thomas for representation on any criminal matter in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area.

- Shannon Clancy

It is hard not to say good things about Thomas. As a fellow lawyer who strives to be the best I absolutely can tell the difference between a good trial lawyer who will fight for their clients and ones who just mark time and go through the motions. Thomas is a fighter. He is also a lawyer dedicated to continuous learning to make sure he can be the best advocate for his clients as possible. I highly recommend this man.

- Brian Manchester

Thomas Grajek is a zealous advocate who gets results for his clients. Competent and skilled, he has an eye for cutting edge issues in the criminal defense field. I endorse this lawyer.

- Sweta Patel

Tom is a very competent and hardworking lawyer. He goes above and beyond for all of his clients and does not let them be railroaded by the system. He is very aggressive with motions and holds the prosecutor to their burden on every case.

- Armando Edmiston

Tom has a reputation for filing innovative motions in DUI cases and leading the way for other attorneys. He is always a few steps ahead of everyone else and in the process he gets great results for his clients.

- Leslie Sammis

If I was faced with a criminal charge, Tom Grajek is THE lawyer that I would call. Experience doesn't even begin to describe his career. Mr. Grajek is an incredible criminal defense lawyer who is not afraid to try a case. In this day and age, most criminal defense lawyers are looking for the easy way out. They want to work out a quick plea and move on. Not Mr. Grajek. He's a fighter all the way. If you want a criminal defense lawyer (particularly in Polk County or Hillsborough County, Florida) who is not afraid to stand up for your rights, you should give Tom Grajek a call. He won't shy away from a good fight and has a proven track record of taking cases to trial. . . and winning!

- Darrin Mish

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