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What can I do if I am accused of violating my probation?

Category: Probation Dos and Don’ts

In the event of a violation of probation warrant you have two choices:

  • Wait for the warrant to be served (either by the “warrant squad” or by happenstance, like a traffic stop or at a border
  • Arrange to “surrender” in Court.

Either alternative will result in your incarceration, but only in the latter event will it occur on your terms. As almost all VOP warrants have a “no bond” hold self-surrendering almost always has the side benefit of permitting you to argue to the court that, notwithstanding the allegations in affidavit, you are an otherwise responsible probationer who respects the Court’s authority, and this could be very well be the difference maker in securing a probation bond or not. If you have any idea (much less know) that a warrant may be (will be) issued then you should immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney, have her/him contact your PO and get working on your behalf.