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Aaron Hernandez guilty murder verdict proves why you should be very careful before you talk to the police!

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder today.  After days of deliberation the jury returned their guilty verdict.  Why did the jury find him guilty?  The jurors said it was because Hernandez lied to owner Robert Kraft about the incident!  New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft testified that Hernandez told him he was in a club at the time of Lloyd's death. The problem with this statement was that the prosecution never told the jury exactly when Lloyd was shot.  If the prosecution did not know the time of death, how did Hernandez, unless he was there?  Worse, Hernandez' defense attorney ADMITTED he was at the scene of the murder during closing arguments.  By making this admission, the jury felt corroborated his guilt.  If he never made the statement to his boss, there would be one less piece of evidence to convict him.
This is why you should be very careful before you talk to the police or ANYONE ELSE if you think you are being investigated of ANY CRIMINAL OFFENSE without first speaking to a criminal defense attorney.  Just this week I had a client come in because he thought he was being investigated for a felony.  The police DO NOT have to give you or show you what evidence they may (or may not) have against you.  THE POLICE CAN LIE TO YOU!  The police can say they have evidence against you that does not exist in the hopes that you make an admission like Hernandez did, which can mean the difference between a guilty or not guilty verdict.  You may end up supplying the police with evidence they never would have had if you did not speak to them.  ALWAYS TALK TO AN EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY FIRST!  A criminal lawyer can help you determine whether it will help you or hurt you if you talk to the police before you are arrested.

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