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Another Polk County Sheriff felony sting arrest for firearms and drugs

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office along with federal authorities arrested 23 suspects in a sting operation today.  The arrested suspects were criminally charges with various drug trafficking and firearm charges.  The suspects are facing charges in both state and federal court.  The Lakeland Police department was also involved in the drug and gun sting.  This joint sting operation was in response to the tragic death of one of Lakeland Police Department’s own police officers.
Firearms were targeted to reduce the number of firearms in Polk County and Lakeland.  With the recent tragedies in the United States, firearms are a concern, but must be balanced against our constitutional right to own and possess a firearm.  The sting focused on convicted felons, alleged drug dealers, and alleged gang members in Polk County and Lakeland.  The police and deputies also targeted suspects who were allegedly selling drugs and firearms illegally.
These charges are very serious and punished harshly under Florida law and the Florida Sentencing Guidelines Scoresheet.  A convicted felon in actual possession faces a 3 year minimum mandatory prison sentence.  Call and speak to drug and firearm lawyer Thomas C. Grajek to learn what penalties you or a loved one may be facing and what defenses the suspects may have in their criminal case. Call Now 863-688-4606.
Some of the people charges in this felony sting operation were already in custody at the Polk County Jail.  What happens in this situation?  The new drug or firearm charges will be added to the criminal charges already holding the inmate at the Polk County jail.  Some of those arrested will not be entitled to a bond depending on the nature of the charge and the Florida criminal statutes.  Call Thomas C. Grajek who has experience with bond motions, bond reductions, and bond modifications in Polk County to help an inmate get out of the Frostproof or Bartow jail.  Mr. Grajek often attends 1st appearance hearings for clients to get them out of jail the fastest way possible!
A person arrested in Polk County, Florida is entitled to this probable cause hearing to be informed of the charges they are facing and have the criminal court determine whether there is probable cause for the person’s arrest.  If there is no probable cause, the suspect will be released on their own recognizance and not have to post bond.  This does not mean the criminal drug, firearm, or weapon will be dropped or dismissed.
There are still 12 suspects at large that the police and sheriff are looking for in Polk County.  You can retain Thomas C. Grajek to set a motion to withdraw the warrant for your arrest and set a bond motion so that you can turn yourself in, bond out of Polk County jail, and start fighting these serious criminal charges.
During the investigation, undercover officers and deputies allegedly purchased firearms, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, methamphetamine, pills ranging from Oxycodone to Xanax, 900 grams of marijuana,
A serious criminal charge like drug trafficking or felon in possession of a firearm can affect your freedom, reputation, and ability to get a job in the future.  If you or a loved one have been arrested in the Polk County “Smoke-N-Guns” felony sting operation, call experienced drug and firearm lawyer Thomas C. Grajek now!
When the outcome of a criminal arrest can affect your freedom and life, it is important for you to have someone on your side fighting for you in court!




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