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Criminal Attorney Polk County teaches at Bail Bond Education Providers of Florida

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching future bail bondsmen about the criminal court process.  In order to become a licensed bondsman in the State of Florida, you must undergo an education process on all facets of the bonding business.  Bail Bond Education Providers of Florida is Florida's leading provider of Bail Bond education.  If you are interested in becoming a bail bondsman and assist people in their time of need and help them get of jail, call them at (800) 789-3899 or visit to learn more.
At the class, I covered all facets of the criminal process from the first time a person suspected of a crime comes into contact with a law enforcement officer, through  arraignment, the trial of the case, appeals, and post-conviction relief.  Some of the topics covered included:

  • What are my rights when I am arrested?
  • Do I have to talk to the cops?
  • Do the cops have to read me my rights?
  • What are my Miranda rights?
  • Why do people say don’t take the breath test? Is refusing the right advice in a DUI?
  • What are some of the problems with the breath test machine?
  • Does Florida use the Intoxilyzer 8000 for breath tests?
  • What are field sobriety exercises?
  • Are DUI checkpoints legal?
  • What if the cops say they are calling out the K-9 dogs to sniff my car?
  • If the police don’t read me my rights, do my criminal charges get dismissed?
  • What makes an attorney aggressive?
  • Why does it matter that I find an experienced attorney?
  • What happens after I am arrested?
  • How do I bond out of jail?
  • How do I get my criminal charges dropped or dismissed?
  • Can my charges be dismissed before I go to court?
  • What if my girlfriend wants to drop my Domestic Violence charges and signs a waiver of prosecution?
  • What is an intake prosecutor?
  • When should I hire a criminal defense lawyer?
  • What is the benefit of an criminal lawyer calling the intake prosecutor?
  • What happens at my arraignment?
  • What happens if I plead “not guilty”?
  • I’m guilty, why should I hire a lawyer?
  • How do I get my police reports?
  • I’m guilty, what can a lawyer do for me?
  • What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?
  • What is a motion to suppress?
  • What are my Miranda rights?
  • When can I file a Motion to Dismiss?
  • How does an attorney research criminal case law?
  • What is a VOP?
  • What are the differences between a VOP and a new criminal charge in court?
  • How is a criminal jury trial conducted?
  • Should I have a non-jury or jury trial?
  • What makes a lawyer a great criminal defense attorney?
  • How does jury selection work?
  • Why is jury selection (voir dire) considered the most important part of a criminal jury trial?
  • What is an objection?
  • How do I appeal my case?
  • What is a criminal appeal?
  • How are the criminal courts structured in Florida?

There are many more issues when it comes to your criminal case and arrest.  Call Polk County criminal lawyer Thomas C. Grajek at 863-688-4606 for answers to your questions now.
Retain an experienced Polk criminal lawyer who is experienced at handling all types of crimes.  Your best defense to a criminal arrest is a lawyer that knows the law and keeps up to date on the latest issues and developments in the law.




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