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Dealing in Stolen Property? You Could Face A Felony or Misdemeanor

Dealing in Stolen Property in Florida

You could be accused of a serious crime that requires you to contact a Florida's dealing in stolen property attorney. Florida law states that endeavoring to trafficking or directly trafficking in stolen property is a criminal offense.
For the purposes of these criminal actions, property is defined as anything of value and does not refer to money or real property alone. It can include things fixed to, found on and growing on land, tangible property or intangible property such as claims, services, interests, rights or privileges.
The word trafficking is defined under Florida law as selling, dispensing, transferring, distributing, disposing of, receiving, buying, possessing, or using with the intent to sell, transfer or distribute.

Penalties for Dealing in Stolen Property in Florida

There are serious consequences that can result if you are accused of and convicted of crimes for dealing in stolen property in Florida. This is a second degree felony under Florida law which carries up to 15 years of jail time or 15 years of probation and a $10,000 fine.
Extenuating circumstances in your case can also allow this to be elevated to a first degree felony. This can happen if you are accused of planning, initiating, organizing, directing, financing, supervising, or managing theft of property and then traffic in that stolen property. This higher-level charge carries up to 30 years of jail time. These harsh penalties can follow you for many years to come.

Defending Charges of Dealing in Stolen Property

An experienced Florida dealing in stolen property attorney should be engaged as soon as possible after you have been accused especially if you believe that the police have misinterpreted the situation. A variety of different types of defenses could be available to you including:

  • Showing that the property was in fact not stolen.
  • An absence of evidence that the property was stolen.
  • False ownership.
  • Claims made by the alleged victim.
  • Property that was thought to be gifted or abandoned.
  • Honest mistakes.
  • Establishing a lack of knowledge on the part of the accused party that the item was indeed previously stolen.
  • Pawning property at the request of somebody else.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Like Thomas C. Grajek to Defend You from a Dealing in Stolen Property Charge

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for Dealing in Stolen Property Charge?

Due to the harsh penalties on the line that could result if you are convicted, you need a criminal defense attorney who will step into your case immediately to look for opportunities to have the charges reduced or dismissed. This can be a highly defensible charge but only when you have a knowledgeable lawyer at your side to take care of conversations with the police after you have been arrested.
Exercise your right to an attorney immediately and don't make any statements to the police until your attorney is present in the room. When there are reasonable explanations for why this charge does not fit, your attorney might be able to have the charges dismissed altogether. In the event that your Florida dealing in stolen property attorney cannot get the charges dismissed, he or she could be able to minimize the consequences of your charges. One of the most valuable aspects of having an attorney at your side is to make you aware of all of the legal options available sooner in your case so that you have maximum leverage and opportunities in front of you.

Consult with Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas C. Grajek Regarding Your Charge for Dealing in Stolen Property

Attorney Thomas C. Grajek has extensive experience with dealing in stolen property charges in Florida. You can schedule a free and confidential consultation by calling our phone number or using our online contact form. Time is of the essence when you have been accused.


If you get arrested for dealing in stolen property, don’t try to explain everything unless you call an attorney first. Your statements might be used against you to get a conviction. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Dealing in Stolen Property

The item I sold was given to me as a gift. Can I still be charged with dealing in Stolen Property?
If you have already been charged with this crime, you need to raise any evidence that supports your claim with your attorney immediately.
I found the item in the garbage bin and sold it. Can I still be charged with dealing in stolen property?
One of the most important elements of a dealing in stolen property charge is that you had a reasonable awareness that the property was indeed stolen, which most likely would not have been if you found an item in a garbage bin.
I sold a car not knowing an item inside it was stolen. Can I still be charged with dealing in stolen property?
This could still potentially lead to a dealing in stolen property charge. If this has happened to you, make sure that you explain the situation to your lawyer.

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