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Many people are often mistaken that a juvenile criminal delinquency charge is not a big deal or serious and that a juvenile criminal charge will not affect their child's future.  This is completely wrong!  A juvenile criminal charge can have dramatic affects on your child's future once they become an adult in many other ways.
First, you need to retain an aggressive criminal attorney like Thomas C. Grajek as soon as possible.  Why? Because there are certain criminal charges that the prosecutor has discretion whether to file the criminal charge in juvenile court or adult court.  An aggressive attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor immediately and try and keep the case in juvenile court.  Keeping your child's criminal case out of adult court is an extremely important reason to call an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney NOW for a free consultation. 863-688-4606
Why is it so important to keep your child's charge out of adult court? In circuit criminal court, your juvenile is facing prison time and has a criminal record that is easily accessible by the public and employers when they do background checks.  Having a criminal history or being a convicted felon is going to impact your child's ability to find a job or housing.  Yes!  They do background checks when you try and rent an apartment!  Why risk your child being  a convicted felon? Call for your free consultation with Thomas Grajek, juvenile defense lawyer.  If your child is charged with a criminal traffic offense, the child will be prosecuted in adult court.  Criminal traffic cases are not heard in juvenile court.  That means it is on their adult record and you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to insure your child's future is not jeopardized by this criminal charge.  You also need a traffic lawyer so the accused child does not get points on their license affecting your car insurance rates!
Another important reason to hire an experienced juvenile defense lawyer is to keep the juvenile's criminal history as clean as possible. Your child may have defenses to the crime so that the charge gets dismissed or No Billed (formal charges are not even filed).  Even though the public does not always have access to your child's juvenile record, the federal authorities do have access.  The military, like the marines, Coast Guard, Navy, and Army, will have access to these records.  I have had people charged with crimes in juvenile court denied admission into the military branches.  This occurred even though the criminal charge was dropped!  I was able to get them admitted into the armed forces, but it is much harder if you retain an juvenile defense attorney after your child's criminal charge is already resolved in court.  Your juvenile record can also prevent you from getting security clearance to work with the military as a civilian in the future.
Most importantly, your juvenile record follows you into criminal court as an adult.  When a person is arrested and charged with a crime after turning 18, the prosecutor will look at the accused's juvenile criminal history to determine whether to file charges and what type of plea offer to make.  Also, juvenile crimes are added to felony scoresheets in adult court under certain circumstances.  Your child could end up scoring a mandatory prison sentence in adult court solely based upon their juvenile criminal record!
Extremely important in this day and age is the background checks that employers perform on candidates.  If you are adjudicated delinquent for certain juvenile offenses, your ability to seal or expunge and adult record will be affected.  Even if you are otherwise eligible to seal or expunge a felony, domestic violence arrest, or some other crime, being adjudicated delinquent of these listed juvenile crimes will prevent you from sealing or expunging your adult record!  An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows this can happen and knows which crimes will cause this problem.  That's why you need to hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who can negotiate what crime your child actually pleas to in order to resolve the juvenile case.
There may also be options for your child to resolve your child's criminal case.  There is teen court and diversion available for some juveniles.
In addition, you are entitled to expunge a juvenile arrest, but there are time limits!  You need to retain an attorney with knowledge of the juvenile laws and juvenile rules of procedure such as Thomas Grajek.
Finally, most people do not want the public, their neighbors, or their employer to know they have been arrested.  Usually, juvenile cases are sealed form the public.  However, there are certain times when this information is available to the public through public record requests.  If a juvenile is charged with a felony or three misdemeanors, the juvenile arrest record and police reports are available through a public record request.  (Thomas Grajek can also handle any public record request or denial you may have).  If the juvenile arrest information is already made public at a police or sheriff's news conference it also subject to public record requests as the public has a constitutional right to this information.
A juvenile criminal charge has many unforeseen consequences for the child charged with a crime.  You need an attorney who knows the law and is willing to fight for your child.  A juvenile criminal defense attorney with experience in juvenile court and trying criminal cases.  Call now for a free consultation and speak to Thomas C. Grajek, Polk County juvenile defense lawyer.






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