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Florida Southern college student and arrested affect enrollment

If you attend college and are arrested, it can affect your enrollment in school.  This is especially true if your arrest occurred on campus.  Florida Southern has an especially tough disciplinary policy.  If arrested on Florida Southern’s school grounds or campus, it could be cause for expulsion.  If the arrest did not occur on school grounds, it is usually reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  The majority of colleges and universities today are taking arrests seriously.  Some schools will not allow you to attend if you are on probation.  That is why it is important you speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately so that Thomas C. Grajek can start working on your defense today!  Cell 863-838-5549.
What if you are guilty of the crime?  Just because you are arrested does not mean nothing can be done for you.  This is a common misconception.  You may have legal defenses if you were subject to an illegal search.  Many people arrested do not realize that the prosecutor must prove identity in every criminal case beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt.  That is why in movies and TV shows someone always points at the defendant at trial when asked by the prosecutor “Do you see that man in court today?”  But what if there is an open house party? How do the police know who is responsible for the party and who provided the alcohol.  Did the person know alcohol was being consumed on the premises?  Before you go to court, call an experienced lawyer to learn more about defenses to your criminal charges.
What if you have no legal or factual defense?  What can a good lawyer do for you?  More important than anything in the majority of criminal cases is what is the sentence going to be in your case.  Will you go to jail? Prison? Be placed on probation? Or, are you eligible for a diversion program?  Aggressive Polk County criminal attorney Thomas C. Grajek can sometimes negotiate that you be placed into a diversion program.  Diversion is similar to pre-probation.  This is what happens to athletes in many cases.  Stay out of trouble for a period of time, get some counseling, and pay some costs, and your charge gets dismissed!  You do not plea guilty or “no contest” to the criminal charge.  This keeps your record clean and makes you eligible to expunge your arrest!
Your future is just starting.  Do not take chances.  Call a criminal defense attorney before you go to court.  You need someone fighting for you and your future.




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