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Know Your Rights If You Have Been Charged With Traveling to Meet a Minor

Traveling to meet a minor is a second-degree felony offence in Florida.
In Florida, if you have been charged with traveling to meet a minor, you need experienced criminal defense counsel to handle your case.
Just because an individual may be charged with a criminal offense in the State of Florida does not necessarily mean they are guilty. While a case, on the surface, may look like an individual is guilty, once the facts are completely known, the determination of guilt may not be quite so clear-cut. Everyone, no matter what the charge, is entitled to a defense, and despite what the vast majority of Americans think, a person is not automatically guilty once charged.
An example of a second-degree felony offense someone may be charged with is traveling to meet a minor that involves the attempt to engage in unlawful sexual conduct with a child or other person believed to be a child, by luring them online, attempting to seduce them, entice them or attempting to entice them. Or, by attempting to lure, solicit or entice a parent or guardian to consent to let a child participate in unlawful sexual acts. Charges laid in relation to this kind of scenario are outlined in Chapter 794 Florida Statutes, Chapter 800 Florida Statutes, or Chapter 827 Florida Statutes.
Should an individual be convicted of one of these offenses, they may face at least 15 years in Florida State Prison. In short, this is a serious charge and you need experienced legal counsel, a Lakeland criminal defense lawyer who understands the system and can explain your rights and various options open to you. Your attorney will immediately obtain any chat logs that may have been used to incriminate you. This is important evidence and the logs need to be reviewed to determine what defenses there may be against the charge(s).
If you suspect you may be under investigation for a sex crime, or have been charged with a sex crime, lawyer-up immediately. At that point, we then need to discuss if entrapment may be used as a defense, discover precisely just what your intent was and whether that intention may make a difference in your defense and talk about whether or not the police did have sufficient grounds to issue a search warrant. Nothing is open and shut when it comes to cases such as this, and do not let anyone tell you that is the case. There is a way to protect yourself and by hiring an aggressive Lakeland criminal defense lawyer, your legal rights come first.
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