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Lakeland DUI arrest gets massive news coverage after DUI trial.

This week I obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict after a jury trial in my client's Lakeland DUI arrest.  Due to my investigation into the Lakeland Police Department's procedures in DUI cases, the news picked up on this story.  My preparation for the case and cross-examination of the officer has led the LPD to conduct an investigation into LPD's DUI arrest procedures.
You can watch News Channel 8's excellent story here:

  • If you are arrested for DUI, you need an attorney who thoroughly investigates your case.
  • You need a DUI lawyer that will stand up for your rights in court.
  • You need an experienced trial attorney that knows how to cross-examine a DUI officer.
  • You need an attorney that attends the latest DUI and criminal seminars that knows the law.

Polk County DUI lawyer Thomas C. Grajek is that attorney!

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The administrative driver license suspension rules for DUI's change July 1, 2013.  

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