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Charged with a misdemeanor in Polk, Hillsborough, or Pasco County Florida? Some people think they shouldn’t worry about a misdemeanor crime, but a misdemeanor is punishable by up to a year in county jail. You need an experienced misdemeanor defense lawyer to fight for your freedom and reputation.

Consequences of a Misdemeanor Conviction in Florida

Even though a misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony, you can still lose your freedom and end up in jail or be placed on probation. You also may be convicted of a crime. This can prevent you from sealing or expunging your record causing problems with your job and future employment opportunities. Misdemeanor cases are heard in county Courts, and I defend clients across the greater Florida region including Lakeland, Lutz, and Tampa, Florida.
I defend all types of misdemeanor charges including but not limited to:

I take all my client’s cases seriously no matter the charge. Let me put my experience as a misdemeanor defense lawyer to work for you in court. I will personally sit down and review the police reports and evidence against you in my Lakeland or Tampa office. I will explain to you the legal issues in your case, your potential defenses, strategy, and your legal options so that we can resolve the case according to your individual needs. I will aggressive litigate your case, file all the appropriate motions you are entitled to under the United States and Florida Constitution, whether it is a Motion to Suppress or a Motion to Dismiss. If necessary, I am ready to litigate your case, stand up for you at trial, and defend you zealously in court.
Each case is different and unique based upon the individual facts of your case. Email us using the form below or call the office closest to you to set up your free consultation. During the consultation we will discuss your case and I will answer any questions you may have regarding your charges and my defense counsel.

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