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Police Department investigates its own DUI unit. What's wrong with this "investigation"?

After the prosecutor dropped the DUI arrest of a lawyer involved in the Bubba and MJ lawsuit, there has been increased scrutiny on the Tampa Police Department's DUI unit.  The charges were dropped because the prosecutor determined that the lawyer had been set up for the DUI arrest.  It was as if he was framed because a paralegal bought the lawyer drinks and convinced him to driver her car.  Then the paralegal texted the information to her attorney boss, who then gave that information to the head of Tampa's DUI unit.  That DUI officer then pulled the lawyer over.
Now, the FBI is investigating this DUI arrest.  TPD has begun its own "investigation" of its DUI unit.  So who is on this ""investigative team"?  A former circuit judge who rarely heard DUI cases in felony court.  A statewide prosecutor who's office rarely handles DUI cases.  Someone from FDLE who recently had their own problems when the head of the Alcohol Testing Department, which is responsible for the integrity of Florida's breath test machines, was forced to resign or was fired for her own issues.  Then there are two former DUI supervisors who are probably responsible for training the DUI unit currently in place.  Where are the DUI defense attorneys?  We are the ones that look at the issues with a critical eye and know what the problems are with DUI enforcement.  When an attorney files a Motion to Suppress and alleges that the officer violated a driver's constitutional rights or misinterpreted the law, we are the ones training these officers.  DUI attorneys know the law better than anyone.  So I do not have a lot of confidence that this "investigation" will improve the DUI unit's performance at all.
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