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Police Officer accused of arresting drivers despite passing sobriety tests. Can that happen in Polk County

Police Officer Lisa Steed accused of arresting drivers despite passing sobriety tests in Utah is all over the news. Numerous drivers arrested for DUI by this officer passed the breath test at the police station.  This was an officer who was awarded trooper of the year! Now she is the defendant in a class action lawsuit by the “drunk drivers” she falsely arrested.
Could this happen in Polk County?  What if a deputy cuts and pastes one driver’s DUI report onto another driver’s DUI report? Is that fair? Right?  Legal?Recently that did happen in Polk County! That’s a violation of a citizen's Due Process rights.  How could anyone get a fair trial?
Luckily for these drivers arrested by the disgraced trooper Steed, there was a dash cam video of the suspected impaired driver performing field sobriety tests proving the driver never should have been arrested in the first place.  In addition, the suspected DUI driver passed the breath test after they were falsely arrested for DUI.  Having a DUI video was fortunate for these innocent drivers.  All police departments, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, or Florida Highway Patrol should have dash cameras too in order to keep cops honest too, right?  WRONG! Polk County Sheriff and Winter Haven Police Department DO NOT videotape DUI arrests!  Why would police not instant replay? Why would police supervisors not want to insure their DUI squad officers are performing and evaluating field sobriety tests, driving patterns, and arrests correctly?  Maybe because it gives deputies an advantage in the courtroom.  Law enforcement believes the DUI trial becomes the DUI driver who will say anything not to be convicted against a upstanding law enforcement officer protecting the public. Who will the jury believe?  Being on video keeps the police honest and insures you get a fair trial and treated fairly as required by our constitution.
Steed was named Utah Highway Patrol's "Trooper of the Year" in 2007 for making more than 200 DUI arrests.  Many of this unfairly arrested without probable cause are calling for that reward to be taken away from this “super DWI trooper”.  How has not been removed yet? This disgraced trooper has admitted in the past that she did not follow proper protocol while administering a DUI check. At a court hearing in May 2012, Steed admitted that, while she was administering a blood-alcohol test to a suspected driver, she removed her microphone in order to perform an unauthorized action.  Without video, how would you prove this to her supervisors who still have not taken away her “Trooper of the Year” award!  This happened in Pinellas County when the HGN field sobriety test was not conducted on video in many DUI arrests.
Skilled Polk DUI attorney Thomas C. Grajek who knows what to look for when a DUI officer is exaggerating or not telling the truth about a  driver's alleged signs of impairment.  An experienced Polk DUI lawyer that  knows how to impeach and show a jury that a DUI or DRE (Drug Recognition Expert in drug DUI cases) are not telling the jury the whole story.
You need an aggressive Polk DUI lawyer that knows how to get a DUI video in a Polk County Sheriff DUI case, Lakeland Police Department impaired driver arrest, or Winter Haven Police Department DUI arrest such as Thomas C. Grajek.
There are time limits on the ability to get a DUI video so call 863-688-4606 and speak to a DUI lawyer actually located in Lakeland, Polk County, FL so he can put his experience to work for you during your time of crisis.



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