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polk county criminal attorney explains what aggressive criminal defense means

Everyone is the "best criminal attorney" or the most "aggressive criminal defense lawyer".  What does that mean? How do I know if my criminal lawyer is aggressive?
First and foremost, aggressive means knowing the law.  You can not go on the offensive in your criminal case unless the attorney knows they law and what he is doing.  Knowing the law, allows me to stand up and speak on your behalf without fear.  That means being able to tell the court, judge, jury, and prosecutor your side of the story.  Aggressive defense means objecting to evidence that should not be heard against you at trial because the law forbids it and the evidence is untrustworthy.  An attorney has to be correct on what the law is or why the law should be changed in order to have credibility with the judge.  To do this, an attorney must read the latest case law and rulings in appellate cases.  I do that and blog about criminal issues so that you know I am up to date on the latest developments in criminal cases and arrests.  Is the lawyer your considering blogging on a regular basis?  Can you understand what the criminal lawyer is trying to explain?  If you can not understand it, how is a jury going to know what the attorney is trying to communicate to them?
The reason I am writing this entry is because of a call I received from a potential client today.  I give free consultations so that you know what defenses you have and what I can do for you.  Unfortunately, this arrested person talked to a friend who is an attorney who "dabbles" in criminal defense.  I devote my practice to criminal defense.  The person on the phone was charged with a serious felony offense, grand theft.  This is especially serious because it is a crime of dishonesty and future employers will not be looking to hire you if convicted of theft.  The case appeared to be a misunderstanding and the first thing I would do to defend him against these charges, was to call the prosecutor and try and get them to not file charges against him.  Even though you have been arrested by a police officer, many times you have not yet been officially charged with a crime by the prosecutor.  By being aggressive, an attorney can call, write, give witness names, and evidence to the prosecutor in an attempt to persuade the prosecutor to drop the criminal charges against you.  If charges are not filed, this would mean the arrested person would never go to court!  The potential client told me his friend, the "aggressive criminal defense lawyer", told him that it was useless to call the intake prosecutor making the filing decision because "those prosecutors are so busy they won't take my call or listen to me."  Are you kidding me?!?!  The knowledgeable attorney would not even try?!?!?!  That's just being lazy. The prosecutor will listen and will consider your evidence!

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