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My client was arrested for Driving Under the influence by a member of the Lakeland DUI unit.  After investigating his DUI case by obtaining a copy of the video and police reports, I went to the scene of the DUI arrest in Lakeland so I could see for myself the roadway and traffic conditions in that area.   Retaining an attorney who is actually located in Polk County is important for the defense of your DUI case.  Is a DUI attorney in Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, or Naples going to take the time to go to the scene of your arrest?  What if every car does the same thing when driving in that area that you did the night you were arrested?  Is someone in Naples or Ft. Lauderdale going to know that?  Of course not!  That is just one reason to hire Lakeland DUI defense attorney Thomas C. Grajek.
By aggressively defending my clients DUI refusal case, I was able to get his charge reduced to Reckless Driving to keep the DUI off the driving record.  The penalty for a DUI increases depending on the number of DUI’s on your record and when the DUI’s occurred and were pled to in criminal court.  What does it mean to be an aggressive DUI defense attorney?  That means thoroughly investigating the case and possible defenses.  It also means filing motions to suppress in the DUI case.  A motion to suppress is a request for the judge to exclude evidence in your criminal DUI case because it was obtained in violation of your rights under Florida law and the constitution.  Sometimes, a motion to suppress can mean your DUI charge is dismissed.  Other times, a motion to suppress may result in the breath test being thrown out of your case.
The more evidence against you that is thrown out of your DUI case, the better defense you have and the greater your chances of getting the charge reduced or thrown out of court.  Being aggressive in DUI cases also means knowing the latest developments in DUI law.  New case law comes out every week and you need an experienced DUI defense attorney to handle your case so you get the best defense available because a DUI arrest will affect your ability to drive, freedom, employment, car insurance rates, whether you are a convicted criminal, and your standing and reputation in the community.
After getting my client’s Lakeland DUI arrest reduced to Reckless Driving we next filed a motion to terminate the probation early. This motion was granted and my client’s probation was ended early.  It is important that you get off probation as soon as possible!  First, no one wants to be on probation and have to answer to a probation officer.  Second, and more importantly, you are subject to a violation of probation if you do not terminate probation early.  Everyday you are on probation is a day you risk of being violated by your probation officer. Hopefully, this never happens, but what if someone lies about what you did or the police make a mistake? Do not take that chance, call PolkCounty criminal defense lawyer Thomas C. Grajek today to start the process of getting your probation terminated early.



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