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Polk County prostitution sting operation "When Will You Learn" results in 98 arrests!

Once again, Grady Judd and the Polk County Sheriff's Office conducted another prostitution sting.  This four day operation was called "When Will You Learn" by the sheriff.  Almost 100 people were arrested.  The suspected "johns" arrested for solicitation of prostitution will be subject to the $5,000.00 "civil penalty" that was enacted last year if the plead guilty, no contest, or are found guilty at trial of the charge.  The fine is imposed whether the court withholds adjudication or adjudicates the person guilty.
Due to the increased focus on human trafficking throughout the country, the sting was conducted to search for more victims of human trafficking.  Recently, we have seen numerous arrests for human trafficking at major events like the Super Bowl.  Most of these arrests come from ads on that is actually posted by the sheriff's office.  Once the person arrives at the location, usually a hotel or a house law enforcement has rented to conduct the sting, the individual is arrested after allegedly committing an act of prostitution.  However, I have seen cases where people were arrested even though they DID NOT commit and act of prostitution.  Sometimes, law enforcement jumps the gun with arrests because so many people are showing up, that they need to clear out the room for the next person and arrest the individual before any crime is committed.  Often, people go for legitimate and legal purposes, such as an escort service. Entrapment can also be a defense in these cases.
If you have been arrested for prostitution, solicitation of a lewd act,  or for living off the proceeds of prostitution (being a pimp) call and speak to an experienced Polk County criminal defense attorney about your case today.  Your reputation depends on it and you may be eligible to seal or expunge your arrest which will remove your mugshot from the Polk County Sheriff's webpage.

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