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Polk criminal attorney quoted on Polk prostitution sting in Newsweek with Sheriff Grady Judd

This weekend Newsweek’s The Daily Beast did an article on Polk County’s prostitution sting.  Sheriff Grady Judd was quoted in the article giving his views and insight into the Polk Sheriff cybercrimes unit and Polk sex crime investigations.  You can view the full article by Christine Pelisek here:

Sheriff Judd warned anyone inclined to commit a crime in Polk County that he would be aggressive in making arrests for prostitution and any other crime committed in Polk.
The well written article also went into the problems that prostitution can cause for someone arrested for this crime.  For some it could end up in divorce.  For others, it can damage their reputation, freedom, credit report, bank account, and employment.  I was interviewed extensively for the article about the new “$5,250.00 civil penalty” that is now mandatory in prostitution cases.  I am filing a motion to declare the Polk prostitution “civil penalty” unconstitutional on a number of grounds.
If you have been arrested for Prostitution, call me now for more information about defending you in court.  You may be eligible to seal your prostitution arrest.  I may be able to get the $5,250.00 fine thrown out so you do not have to pay the fine or end up with a judgment against you.  If you do not pay the fine and it is sent to collections, there is a 35% surcharge added for an extra $1,837.50 you must pay bringing the total to $7,087.50!!! The government has taxed cigarettes, red light camera violations, alcohol, and now prostitution for budget shortfalls.
When you are looking to retain a Polk criminal attorney for your case, you want someone who keeps up to date on the latest issues in the law.  An experienced lawyer that lets you know BEFORE you go to court, what to expect in your case.  Finally, find out where your attorney is located.  Many attorneys you may be talking to are not located in Polk County.  You need a Polk County criminal lawyer fighting for you who is familiar with the procedures, judges, and prosecutors for your criminal case.  My office is located in Lakeland, FL, call and set an appointment 863-688-4606.
Polk Sheriff Grady Judd was quoted in the article as saying  “A lot of agencies don’t proactively police.  As a result we arrest big-time criminals hand over fist. My detectives are really talented and are simply the best in the business.”

Polk County law enforcement is aggressively seeking out crime.  You need someone that is aggressive and not afraid to stand up in the courtroom and fight for you!

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I would like to thank Christine Pelisek for her thorough investigation into the Polk prostitution sting and Newsweek’s Daily Beast for providing information and being the source for parts of this crime blog.

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