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Prostitution trial results in guilty verdict

Today, the jury reached a guilty verdict in the Zumba prostitution case that made headlines across the country.  The prosecutor accused him of managing the prostitution business allegedly run by the Zumba instructor, Alexis Wright.  Wright’s case is still pending trial.  She faces 100 counts of prostitution and tax evasion charges.
The prostitution scandal in Kennebunk, home of the Bush compound, spread like wildfire on the news and the internet. The Zumba instructor’s ledgers allegedly indicated she had more than 150 clients and made $150,000. More than 60 suspected johns have been charged also.  In Florida, a man soliciting a prostitute (acting as a “john”) and convicted of prostitution is sentenced to pay a “civil penalty’ of $5,250.00.   I am currently fighting whether the prostitution “civil penalty” is constitutional and have a motion to declare this statute unconstitutional pending in Polk county criminal court. I was quoted in Newsweek’s Daily Beast about my fight against this outrageous fine.
These cases are difficult to win at trial.  Juries are tough on prostitution crimes.  The evidence in theses cases include text messages, recorded phone calls, emails, and video surveillance.  I have tried these cases and juries do not have an open attitude towards people charged with the “oldest profession in the world”.
If you have been arrested for prostitution or for living off the proceeds of prostitution (being a pimp) call and speak to an experienced Polk County criminal defense attorney about your case today.

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