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What To Expect from My Personal Injury Attorney

Based on a report from the US Justice Department, around 16,397 personal injury cases are put on trial every year. However, this only accounts for 4% of cases that ever saw trial, as most are settled out of court. If you figure in an accident and you need the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Florida, you can contact one from Get Grajek.

Whether you sustained grave injuries or not, you might need the guidance of an attorney who can tell you what you do or guide you through the process. So, below we have provided information that could help you learn what to expect from a personal injury attorney

What to Expect When Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

Just as with any case, expect that your personal injury attorney will ask you several questions related to the case. This is why many people opt to settle outside of court because of the tedious process of recalling and putting every minute detail in place to present to the court. 

Also, be ready to feel a little uncomfortable because, in most cases, attorneys will ask questions that may be considered too personal or sometimes invasive of your space. 

Understandably, some situations may be hard to recall. Still, your personal injury attorney will strongly encourage you to remember all the answers to their questions as they need to determine whether or not you have a case. 

Expect for a Florida Injury Attorney to Challenge Your Story

One of the most challenging scenarios that happen with your personal injury attorney is they’ll question you up to the slightest bit of detail to account for your story. Don’t worry too much when this happens. 

Attorneys have a way of validating the truth of your situation. All of this is done to prepare for the other party’s statement. Similarly, a Florida injury attorney will also evaluate your statement and story for weak points and find ways to strengthen the case in your interest.

Other Things You Should Expect

Long Waiting Time

Just as any case, personal injury cases are no different. You may have to wait weeks, maybe even months. We suggest that you don’t rely on your case to pay for your medical expenses. 

The case may even run longer if the parties don’t reach a settlement agreement. While the case is ongoing and that you are awaiting a result, always be in constant communication with your personal injury attorney.

Reasonable Expectations

Not all attorneys will say that you have a case to fight for. In fact, we suggest that you do thorough research of your current situation so that you’ll know what to say to your attorney exactly.

With the experience that attorneys have, once you tell them your side of the storm, they can immediately say whether or not you have a solid case to file. An attorney who is experienced will not encourage you to file for every single issue there is.

 When a Florida personal injury attorney is experienced and wise, they will tell you when to fight for the case or compromise.

Contingency Fees

Most of the time, Florida personal injury attorneys are compensated through a “contingency fee.” This means that they only get paid when your case has been won through a settlement or court award.

When you “win” your case, a portion of that compensation goes to your personal injury attorney. In addition, you may also be asked to pay for court fees or when you hire expert witnesses.

What to Expect When You Meet Your Personal Injury Attorney for the First Time
You will discuss the who, what, when, where, and why of the case. Expect a lot of questions about the incident. AN attorney will even ask you to repeat the story over and over again as he checks for consistency in your story.
Your attorney will explain the legal process to you. Once he has heard your side of the story, he will tell you of the next steps and what to expect in each step, including the timeline. 
He will confirm your role in the case. During this time, your personal injury attorney will also decide whether you have a strong case to fight for or whether it’s best for you to compromise.

Whether you were injured from medical malpractice, a defective product, or a motorcycle accident, you will need a personal injury attorney to win your case. Call Florida attorney Thomas C. Grajek at 863-694-1857 today.

Did You Know?

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are the most common causes of personal injury cases. According to the US Justice Department, MVAs make up 52% of all cases.

Get Help from a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida 

Getting into any kind of accident is traumatic and may cause further long-term damage. Allow yourself to recover medically and financially. Reach out to a personal injury attorney and get compensated for your pain and suffering.

FAQs on What to Expect from My Personal Injury Attorney

How is compensation for pain and suffering calculated?

Category: What To Expect from My Personal Injury Attorney

There is a common multiplier method that most insurance companies use to calculate these damages. Add up the total amount of all the damages and multiply that from anywhere between 1.5-5.

What is the average settlement amount for pain and suffering?

Category: What To Expect from My Personal Injury Attorney

The multiplier here is usually, (but not limited to), three. For example, you incurred a total bill of about $5,000 for a broken leg and arm. Multiply that by 3, then your settlement amount should be approximately $15,000.

What is the average time for a personal injury lawsuit to be settled?

Category: What To Expect from My Personal Injury Attorney

In most cases, it usually takes at least 3 months to a year for the case to be resolved. We can say that on average, it takes about 10 or 11 months for a personal injury case to be closed and resolved.

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