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Aggressive Polk County DUI lawyer argues DUI motions to suppress in court

Yesterday, I was in court all day before arguing various motions to suppress in my client's DUI case.  Many people arrested for DUI or a criminal offense do not know what a criminal defense attorney does for them in court.  Many people charged with DUI also do not know what it means to mount an aggressive defense to a DUI charge.
A DUI lawyer that is trying to win your case and get the charges dismissed will do a number things on your behalf.  The most important is to file Motions to Suppress in your case.  This is where an attorney requests that the court throw out evidence against you in your DUI case.  Each piece of evidence that is excluded, so that the prosecutor can not use it against you in court, strengthens your defense to the charge.  If enough evidence is thrown out, the case can be dismissed.  To be aggressive an attorney needs to investigate your case, the scene of the arrest, and breath test machine used in your case to determine whether the Intoxilyzer was working properly when you took the breath test.  Always ask the attorney you are considering to defend your case what motions they have filed, when, and how often.  Many attorneys do not file motions in DUI cases.
Yesterday, I argued a number of motions.  I was objecting to the stop of my client's truck, whether the officer had the right to conduct a DUI investigation, and whether the officer had probable cause to arrest my client for DUI.  I also attacked the breath test machine and argued that the machine was not properly maintained and not functioning properly.  The breath test machine used in this particular case had numerous problems.  If the breath test is thrown out of court, it improves the DUI case tremendously.  After hours of testimony and grueling cross-examination of the officer and Agency Inspector for the Intoxilyzer by me, the court reserved ruling on the motions.  If we win the motions to suppress, the result could be a dismissal of the DUI charge.

If you are looking for someone to fight for you call an aggressive Polk County DUI lawyer.

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