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A child sex sting results in several arrests in Florida

More and more law enforcement agencies are running their own child sex sting operations in central Florida.  Last month it was Pinellas County and this time it is Lake County, Florida.  The Lake County Sheriff's Office called it "Operation Be Mine" to coincide with Valentine's Day.  Twenty two (22) men were arrested for various underage sex crimes including three men that were employed by Disney.
This sting used surveillance video at the scene of the undercover location.  This includes audio and video surveillance of the alleged crime.  This surveillance can help establish a defense in some cases and, in others, make the prosecution case stronger.  There should always be video in criminal case and especially in cases that involve allegations of underage children and sex.  Emotions can run high by the undercover officers involved and they have a built in bias to arrest people.  That can color a person's memory.  A video removes any bias or memory lapses with instant replay.  This only holds true as long as the surveillance equipment is set up correctly and the proper procedures and protocols for running a child sex sting are followed properly.
Allegedly the suspects brought various items such as candy and condoms which is common in these types of cases.  These are very serious crimes that can result in prison sentences, suspects being labeled as sexual predators or sexual offenders, and subject the men to the Jimmy Ryce Act.
If you have been arrested for a serious felony offense, retain an experienced criminal lawyer that knows how to defend these types of sex crimes.


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