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Bartow criminal attorney files motion to declare prostitution statute unconstitutional

Today was the day most people arrested in the last Polk County prostitution sting were scheduled for their Arraignment.  The “Arraignment” is the first court date an arrested person attends to answer to the criminal charge.  If the person pleads guilty or no contest, they are sentenced.  Many criminal attorneys were surprised to learn, for the first time today, that the crime of prostitution now carries a $5,250.00 “civil penalty” for anyone that enters a plea to this charge.  If they had been reading my blog they would have known about the change in the prostitution law that took effect January 1, 2013 weeks ago.
Today, I filed a motion to declare the statute unconstitutional.  There are a number of constitutional challenges to this outrageous “civil penalty”.  When you go to court, you need a lawyer that is a member of both the Florida and National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers who keeps up to date on the latest changes in the law.  While other experienced criminal attorneys were just learning of the change in the law, I was aggressive defending my clients against this fine.
Do you want to hire a criminal lawyer that goes to court thinking they can get your case dismissed, but does not realize the law has changed?  What if there is a new case or change in the law that might give you a defense to the crime that was not there the day before?  You need an aggressive and experienced criminal attorney that keeps up on these changes in the law so that you get the best defense and outcome of your criminal case.

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