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Bartow criminal lawyer teaches future bail bond agents

On Thursday, it was again my pleasure to teach future bondsmen and women about the criminal court system.  If you would like to be a bail bond agent and help assist people to get out of jail, you can more information at, Florida's leading bail bond educator.  In order to become a bondsman there are number of steps including education and training under a bail agent.
I was asked to explain what happens in the criminal  court system.  This was a really great class of students.  We covered the entire process from arrest through an appeal of a criminal conviction.  Some of the topics we covered are:

  • What if the police do not read me my rights?
  • Do I have to talk to the police?
  • Why should I talk to a criminal defense attorney before I talk to the police?
  • I'm guilty, is there anything a criminal lawyer can do for me?
  • Do I have to take the breath test?
  • What happens if I refuse the breath test or field sobriety tests?
  • Should I consent to the police searching me? my car? or my house?
  • What happens after I am arrested?
  • What must be done immediately after I have been arrested?
  • What is a Pre-Trial Release program?
  • What does the "intake division" do at the prosecutor's office? How does having an aggressive attorney help a defendant?
  • Will I go to jail? Prison?
  • What is a "diversion program"?  How do diversion programs work?
  • What is an Arraignment?
  • Does a defendant have to go to all the court dates?
  • What is a Motion to Suppress?
  • How do I get my police reports? What is a "Demand for Discovery"?
  • How are pleas in criminal cases negotiated?
  • What is a "Motion to Suppress"?  What is the procedure to file a motion?
  • Why is jury selection so important in my criminal jury trial?  Does  having an experienced lawyer matter?
  • How do you cross-examine a witness or a police officer?
  • How does a lawyer prepare and make a persuasive closing argument?
  • What do DUI videos look like?  What other types of evidence is there in criminal cases?
  • What is an appeal? How do appeals work?
  • What is the jurisdiction of Florida courts and what types of cases does each court handle?

These are common questions that most people have after they have been arrested.  If you want answers to these questions call me and set your free consultation.


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