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Florida prosecutors state that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will not face any charges stemming from an alleged sex battery.

This week, the State Attorney in Miami announced that prosecutors would not file criminal charges for sexual battery (rape) against NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  What is to be learned from this case? This case teaches a valuable lesson that anyone arrested for a criminal charge or thinks they maybe facing a criminal charge MUST CONTACT AN EXPERIENCED  CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY!!!
When an individual is arrested, the majority of the time the arrest is by the police who have probable cause to make the arrest.  The police then forward their police reports to the prosecutor (State Attorney) who decides what, if any, charges should be filed against the suspect.  If you are wise enough to hire an aggressive attorney, the defense attorney can call the prosecutor and present evidence and facts to the prosecutor explaining why the prosecutor should drop all criminal charges.  A lawyer can also research and give the prosecutor case law that shows the police conducted an illegal search or violated the person's constitutional rights that would result in the case getting dismissed in court.  Even if the prosecutor does not drop the charges, he may file lesser charges such as a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony.  Many attorneys do not take this step, but  I DO!  Even though I may be unsuccessful many times, I have gotten many cases dismissed.  You cannot get the charge dismissed unless you try!
In the sexual battery/rape case the the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s office decided there was insufficient evidence that any crime was committed.  I am sure Kaepernick's attorneys gave the prosecutor ample evidence the police did not recover, such as text and voicemails from the woman.  The woman alleged she did not know how she ended up in a hospital after having drinks with Kaepernick and 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette at an apartment they shared in Miami.  She also alleged that she may have been the victim of a sexual assault, but the sheriff said  there was no evidence of a sexual assault.
If you have been arrested or think you are the subject of a criminal investigation, CALL AN EXPERIENCED AND AGGRESSIVE CRIMINAL LAWYER IMMEDIATELY!!!


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