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How do you get your mugshot off the internet websites? Feds may be helping defendants.

As a criminal record sealing and expunging lawyer, many people call me because they need to get their mugshot off the internet because they can not find a job or obtain housing because of their criminal background.  For now, you must seal or expunge your record to get your mugshot off the sheriff's webpage.  You also must be eligible.  I often have people call and say "the sheriff or judge told me the arrest would be off my record because the charge was dropped."  This is INCORRECT!  You must take the additional step and seal or expunge your record.  You must also not have ANY CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS on your record.  Even though you may be eligible to seal or expunge one arrest, another arrest that is NOT ELIGIBLE, will prevent you from sealing or expunging a criminal record.  ALL YOUR ARRESTS MATTER!.
Now though, the federal government may be trying to help citizens accused of crimes.  Last week, a newspaper in Michigan was fighting in court to have mugshots of people arrested released so they could post them under public records law.  Surprisingly, the federal government was fighting the release of mugshots by arguing that by releasing the mugshots, it violates an arrested person's privacy interest.  After all, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  So, if someone makes up an allegation accusing a person of a crime, that person has to pay for it by being embarrassed and having their reputation ruined by having their mugshot posted, even though they are innocent?  Unfortunately, that is how the system currently works.  This case is unlikely to change the release of mugshot photos as another federal court, the 6th Circuit has already ruled that there is no privacy interest in mug shots of persons who have been arrested.
If you have been arrested and need your arrest sealed or expunged due to background checks, call an experienced Sealing and Expunging Lawyer.

Even if your charges have been dropped, dismissed, or you were found NOT GUILTY, you still need to seal or expunge your record.

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