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Lakeland criminal lawyer files Stand your ground motion in battery case

My client was charged with the crime of battery.  This is a first degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in the Polk County Jail.  The allegations against my client were that he had hit a female at a fight outside a bar.  Allegedly, there were numerous patrons outside the bar and, during the fight, the alleged victim got punched in the face and knocked out.  The police never spoke to my client to get his side of the story.  Unfortunately, this happens in many criminal cases.  That is why you need an attorney that can explain what really happened in your case.  The police want to close their case as soon as possible.  Often law enforcement makes an arrest as soon as they feel they have enough to establish probable cause for an arrest.  You need an aggressive criminal attorney who can tell the court, prosecutor, and jury what really happened.
In this case, I filed a “Stand Your Ground” motion on behalf of my client.  If this motion is granted by the judge, all charges would be dismissed.  In Florida you have the right to defend yourself and to use self-defense.  In this case, the police did not know that it was my client who was being attacked by numerous people and was just trying to get away from the fight.  He was the victim who got beat up and had numerous injuries.  By filing the motion, I was able to get the charges dropped without the need for a motion hearing.  The charges were dismissed and my client did not have to face the possibility of jail time and cleared his name.  Because battery is considered a crime of violence, it will cause a person accused of this crime problems when seeking employment, licensing, and housing.  Sealing or expunging a battery charge can prevent these problems.
I have had numerous people call me on serious felony charges where the arrested person is facing prison time.  These people tell me they were acting in self-defense.  Yet when I look at the court file at the Polk County Court house, no “Stand Your Ground” motion was filed for them.  Why?  Instead, they go straight to trial without exercising all their defenses and risk jail or prison time.  When you are facing a criminal charge, you need a Polk County criminal defense lawyer that will do the work necessary to defend you in court.  It takes time and effort and some attorneys do not know the law or are afraid to put the time into your case.  Retain and attorney that is willing to fight for you in court.

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