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Lakeland Police department blames State Attorney for past problems with some cases

Today, the Lakeland Police Department released a 68-page report to Lakeland city commissioners regarding problems with criminal cases investigated by L.P.D.  The report, prepared by members of Lakeland P.D.'s internal affairs division, detailed case by case what efforts have been taken or are in the works to address Polk State Attorney Jerry Hill's concerns.
While LPD admitted their officers made mistakes in some cases, LPD also stated that it was the Polk prosecutors fault for not communicating with LPD officers enough.  One of the errors concerned a registered sex offender case that resulted in the criminal charges being dropped.  The Ledger article can be read here:
The State Attorneys office responded quickly to the report, explaining that the prosecutor does not experience these problems with any other law enforcement agencies in Polk County.  That response can be seen at:
There are still problems.  The biggest problem is that you can not have communication and cooperation problems between a law enforcement agency and prosecutor.  These agencies must work together. They are a team that must cooperate to protect society and insure that justice is done in all criminal cases and investigations.  It is a team effort.  As I have stated before, LPD should have had an experienced criminal defense trial attorney aiding in the internal investigation of LPD. Criminal defense attorneys examine issues and problems with a critical eye and no agenda.  There is no self-interest involved for an outside attorney who can assess where mistakes were made and which agency needs to correct them.
Hopefully, these problems can be resolved so that Polk County residents and people arrested are treated fairly and all evidence and witnesses to events are preserved in criminal cases and justice prevails.
If you have been arrested by Lakeland Police Department or are charged with a crime in Polk County, retain a trial attorney with the experience to defend you in court.



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