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Man’s Behaviors Causes Attorneys to Seek Release from Case

A man traveling ninety miles an hour on his motorcycle was apprehended by deputies and charged with driving under the influence. His blood-alcohol content was .167, according to reports. Upon being apprehended, the man allegedly resisted officers, cursed and even kicked at officers.
The 47-year-old Gardnerville Ranchos man pleaded not guilty to drinking and driving, and not guilty to charges of battery against a police officer; his previous conviction on DUI would likely result in a second felony and a mandatory prison sentence. Two years previous, he served time on a twelve-to-thirty month sentence for a felony DUI conviction.
Complicating matters, his court-appointed lawyers submitted a request to be released from his case one week prior to his trial; they stated that he indicated he planned to file criminal charges against them. The judge for the case did not allow the release to take place as it would further delay the proceedings. A similar scenario occurred during his 2010 c conviction, when he was involved in a DUI charge. His court-appointed lawyer at that time also asked to be released because the suspect’s wife filed a complaint against the lawyer. The suspect reportedly has a brain injury, and his wife had been appointed in 2010 as his assistant.
One of the suspect’s defense attorneys stated that she has been involved in criminal defense for more than thirty years without ever having criminal charges filed against him, and was now facing potential collusion and perjury lawsuits. As a result of the pending criminal charges, the defense attorney stated that he did not believe he would be the best choice to mount the most effective defense for the suspect.
Additionally, the accused and his wife also filed charges against the county sheriff’s office and the arresting police officers. Their charges alleged that excessive force was used during his arrest.
A DUI arrest typically has serious consequences, especially on a second or third offense. It is extremely important to make sure your rights are protected by using competent legal representation to avoid a felony charge on your criminal record.
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