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Meth Makes Millions

It is no surprise that making the illegal drug methamphetamine (aka meth), a drug known by at least 45 different names, makes some individuals and groups very rich. It is a multi-billion dollar business that maims, kills and takes no prisoners.
The chalky white powder looks deceivingly innocent. It is a bitter-tasting powder with no ordor that dissolves easily in alcohol or water before swallowing, injecting, smoking or snorting it. Once the drug enters the blood stream it begins to kick up the dopamine levels already existing in the body, producing a sudden chemical high, often referred to as a rush. While it takes very little to achieve the rush at first, an individual develops a tolerance for the drug and subsequently requires higher doses to get high.
Making meth, selling it, possessing it, possesing it for the intention of distributing it or even having the wherewithall to make it often results in many years in jail, various legal penalities and often thousands of dollars in fines.
Meth sold on the streets or the black market is typically concocted in a meth lab, which may range in size from a small apartment to a huge warehouse. Or it may be made by an addict using the “shake and bake” method. Meth may be found in the poorest slums to the richest of neighborhoods. There are no boundaries when it comes to making money illegally. Even though forms of methamphetamine are prescribed by physicians for various conditions that may include obesity and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), it is not the acknowledged source of meth available on the streets.
For the calendar year 2014, law enforcement dealt with 9,306 meth incidents, including seizures of labs, "dumpsites" or "chemical and glassware.” Missouri alone boasted 1,825 busts and seizures in 2012. To get an idea of just how prevalent meth incidents are in the U.S., visit the DEA Meth Lab Map by clicking here.
Making meth is virtually child’s play and only requires about a $100 investment in various precursor chemicals that may be found quite easily at the drug or grocery store. One small batch of meth can net its maker thousands of dollars. A quarter of a gram may sell for $20. An eight ball at 3 ½ grams could sell for $200. Prices vary depending on where one lives, who one knows and how much is bought.
Using meth is a health concern in many ways, with issues ranging from violent behavior to sexually transmitted diseases. Of additional concern is the legal ramifications of making meth and being charged or having information about a situation where someone is making meth. In all cases dealing with an arrest and charge involving meth, or other illegal drugs, reach out and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is the only way to navigate through the criminal system with some degree of protection.
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