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Negligent Security Attorney

A Florida negligent security attorney could be an important person for you to contact in premises liability cases if you have been hurt or suffered damages because of a lax or nonexistent security protocol. A negligent security attorney in Florida can be an important component of your legal protection strategy. In premises liability cases in Florida, building property or hotel owners are often held liable for negligent security.
This is because attendants or guests have a basic right to security in their surroundings if they are staying at a property. Under Florida law, it is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that security. In the event that you were injured on the property owner's location, you can potentially sue for compensation and it is best to hire a competent Florida personal injury lawyer to help you with that process.

Florida Law on Negligent Security

Under Florida law the following have a legal duty to take the necessary steps to provide security for their premises in order to prevent risk or harm to residents, tenants and customers. This includes landlords, property managers, owners of commercial businesses and other types of property owners. In the event that these responsible parties fail to perform this legal duty, they can be held liable for damaged property, stolen property, assaults and muggings and physical or emotional injury.
As the victim in an accident, it can be frustrating to learn that it falls to you to  take the next steps if  you’ve been injured in an accident. Even when the case seems clear cut to you, it can be beneficial to retain an attorney to help you with the legal aspects of your case.

Negligent Security by Property Personnel or Security Staff

Apart from property owners, security staff and other property personnel can also be held liable for negligent security, including doorman, bouncer, and security guards. These individuals could be held liable for any harmful consequence that was directly associated with negligence or failure to provide security in the premises in which they work.

Keys to Winning a Negligent Security Case in Florida

As a victim in this type of case, it is imperative that you understand your rights and proceed with caution with the support of an experienced and dedicated lawyer. A lawyer can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. You need to prove a variety of elements when proceeding with a negligent security case in Florida. This includes showing that the property owner owed a legal duty to provide basic security measures for that property. Some of the most common examples of basic security measures include employment of security staff, providing functioning locks on doors and gates, and proper and sufficient lighting. Furthermore, you must be able to show as a victim that the injury or a loss suffered came as a result of a property owner's negligence or failure to provide basic security measures and that any resulting incident that led to an injury or loss, such as a robbery or assault, was due to the property owner's failure to provide security.
Consult with a Florida personal injury attorney if you suffered an injury or loss due to a property owner’s negligent security. Call Attorney Thomas C. Grajek today.

Let Thomas C. Grajeck Handle Your Negligent Security Case in Florida

A knowledgeable Florida negligent security attorney can assist you with your legal claim. He has extensive experience with Florida law and he can be contacted through phone or email. Thomas C. Grajeck negligent security attorney in Florida has law offices in Lakeland, Tampa and Lutz. Our website's online contact form can be used to schedule a free consultation.

Pro Tip:

“Remember that in Florida, you are given four years to file a negligent security lawsuit against a property owner.”

FAQs on Negligent Security Attorney

Florida is a comparative fault state. How does that impact my negligent security lawsuit that I am filing?
If it is found that you are responsible for part or all of the injuries you sustained, this could make it difficult for you to recover the compensation that would otherwise be available to you as a victim.
Why can't I just sue the person who mugged me instead of the property owner?
The property owner has a specific legal responsibility to provide appropriate security to minimize the possibility of these types of instances happening. In these cases in which you were mugged on a property owner's owned property due to their failure to provide proper security, you will be able to recover compensation by pursuing the claim against the property owner.
Can I sue the security company contracted by the property owner?
The specifics of your individual Florida negligent security case can be discussed directly with your Florida negligent security attorney. You might be eligible to sue third parties, such as the security company that was contracted by the property owner in question, particularly if that security company breached their contract or failed to provide appropriate security measures.
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