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News Channel 8 continues investigating Lakeland PD

Last night News Channel 8 did a story regarding the Lakeland Police Department.  The station reported a "bombshell" announcement regarding further problems at LPD.  You can see the story at this link:
News Channel 8 also has copies of the letters the State Attorney sen Chief Womack regarding some of the LPD officers.  In the letters the prosecutor states he does not feel he can trust the officers' testimony in criminal cases.  Without that testimony, the prosecutor may not be able to prove the DUI charges pending against suspected drivers.  This may result in up to 40 DUI cases being dismissed.  Other alleged criminal prosecutions may also be affected and dropped including felony criminal charges.
It also appears the investigation by the State Attorney's office into the Lakeland Police Department are not finished.  It was also reported that the Lakeland Police Department is reviewing all of LPD's DUI arrests since last year.  I will keep an eye on these events and how it may benefit my clients to insure they are treated fairly.
If you have been arrested by the Lakeland Police, call the attorney who worked to discover some of these allegations.

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