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NFL owner arrested for DUI and possession of controlled substances

Jim Irsay, owner of the NFL Indianapolis Colts, was arrested Sunday night for suspicion of DUI and possession of controlled substances. Mr. Irsay faces the DUI charge and three (3) felony counts of possessing a controlled substance.
Mr. Irsay allegedly drove at a slow rate of speed, stopped in the roadway and failed to signal a turn before police stopped him.  It is not illegal to drive slower than the posted speed in Florida.  In addition, a driver does not have to signal before turning in Florida if no traffic was affected.  Mr. Irsay was arrested in Indiana so traffic laws may be different there.  In addition, there may be more reasons why the police pulled him over suspecting he was under the influence.  The police also allege that he failed several roadside field sobriety tests.  A link to the video of him being booked into the jail can be found here:
After his arrest, the police searched his vehicle and allegedly found multiple prescription drugs in pill bottles according to the police report.  The drugs seized by the police allegedly did not match any of the prescription bottles found in the vehicle.
As recently as October 2013, Mr. Irsay had posted that he has not had a drink in over 15 years.  There was no allegation made by the police that any DUI officer smelled the odor of alcohol on Mr. Irsay.  This may then be a case where the impairment is allegedly caused by driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) rather than alcohol.  Many people do not realize that a DUI can be caused by medications that a person is lawfully prescribed if it impairs their driving.  In Mr. Irsay's case, the prosecutor may change this to a DUID case arguing that the impairment was caused by these medications that Mr. Irsay allegedly does not have a legal prescription to possess.  many times though people do carry medication with them, but do not have it in the proper container.  If so, the drug charges may be dropped or reduced for not properly carrying them with him.

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