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NFL player arrested for DUI over the July 4th holiday weekend. DUI arrest is possibly driving under the influence of drugs case (DUID).

NFL player Josh Gordon arrested for DUI over 4th of July weekend.  He also was ticketed for speeding for allegedly going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.  There was no other information about the reason for the stop such as whether he was swerving, weaving, or had any difficulty driving his car that would indicate impairment.
The NBC news affiliate in Raleigh, reported Gordon's blood-alcohol level was .09, and he allegedly admitted to having three drinks containing vodka. The legal limit in the state of North Carolina is the same as in Florida 0.08 g/mL of alcohol.  Gordon was already suspended and in the NFL substance abuse program. Based upon his prior incidents with drugs, the police were asked if Gordon was under the influence of a controlled substance or illegal drugs, but the police refused to comment on that or whether Gordon performed any field sobriety tests.  Finally, it was reported that Gordon was allegedly bonded out by a convicted felon who is currently facing drug charges himself.
Usually, the police will request a driver to perform field sobriety exercises at the roadside.  If the driver does not pass, they are arrested for DUI.  In North Carolina were this DUI arrest took place, a driver has to be "appreciably impaired” to be arrested for DUI.  After the arrest the driver is taken to the jail and requested to submit to a breath test.  In a driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) case, the driver may be requested to provide a urine sample and to undergo a Drug Influence Evaluation (DIE) by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) to determine whether the driver is impaired by a controlled substance and gather further evidence of drug impairment.
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