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Plant City criminal defense attorney takes domestic violence case to trial

My client was charged with domestic violence.  In Polk County, I can often get Domestic Violence or Domestic Battery charges dismissed without ever going to court. This allows my arrested client to start expunging their domestic violence charge immediately.  Even a Domestic Violence charge that has been dropped will cause you problems when seeking employment.  The arrest will show up on background checks and employers will not hire you out of fear that you are a violent person.  An employer does not want to be liable for your violent acts that occur during the course of your employment.  Therefore, they choose someone with a clean record.  How can you make yourself competitive in the work place? Expunge or seal your criminal history so employers do not know of your arrest.
In Hillsborough County, domestic violence cases often have to be taken to trial in order to get them dismissed.  A DV case MUST be dismissed prior to trial in order to be expunged.  A plea of “no contest” resulting in a “withhold of adjudication” will not allow you to seal a DV arrest!  So we pushed our case to trial and the charges were dropped the day of trial as the prosecutor realized he could not prove the criminal charge against my client.

Does this mean his record will automatically be expunged? NO!

Does my client have a criminal record? A background check will show that he was arrested for domestic violence and the charge was dropped.  To remove the arrest from background checks, YOU MUST EXPUNGE YOUR RECORD! The prosecutor does not do this for you!  The record of your arrest is there forever unless you expunge your arrest!  Many people think that because the charge was false or a lie to begin with, that their record is clear, but this is not the case.
Call an experienced sealing and expunging lawyer that knows the law and how to seal your arrest quickly!

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Hillsborough County case 1x-CM-02495x charges dismissed August 2012

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