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Plant City police chief fired for alleged on-the-job misconduct.

Wow! Another week and another police chief out of a job.  This time it is Plant City Police Chief Steve Singletary.  Just like the Lakeland Police Department scandal, this firing also included allegations of sexual misconduct.  The city manager did not fire Chief Singletary for allegedly having an affair.  However, the chief was let go because he allegedly violated city policy and Plant City's code of conduct by spending working hours with the woman and also for interfering with the investigation into these allegations.  As I have been saying for some time, the public's trust in the judicial system and its police officer's is paramount.  Plant City's manager stated the same in announcing the firing.  Police Officer Mark Mathis was also fired for alleging help cover-up an incident at the Plant City shooting range.  The search for a new police chief will start shortly, just as it will for a new police chief for the Lakeland Police Department.
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