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Polk county DUI arrest for driving the wrong way on I-4.

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested a Winter Haven man in Polk County early this morning for DUI after he was allegedly stopped driving the wrong way on I-4.  FHP has dash cams on most of their patrol cars so part of the traffic stop was captured on video.  It appears the driver was initially spotted by another motorist who called 911 to report the alleged incident.  By the time troopers caught up with the alleged vehicle, it allegedly had turned around and was driving the correct direction, but with no headlights on.
A good DUI lawyer will get a copy of both the video and 911 call in order to defend a person accused of DUI when they are available.  There are certain legal requests that must be done in order to obtain copies of this evidence.  A copy of the video can be seen here:
In addition to the DUI charge, the driver was also arrested for Reckless Driving for allegedly endangering other vehicles on the road.  Both of these charges are misdemeanors.  The driver allegedly refused the breath test which is his right under the law but will result in an administrative suspension of his license for one (1) year.  This suspension can be fought by filing a request for a Formal Review or the driver may be eligible for a hardship permit for the entire year of suspension depending on his previous driving history.
If you have been arrested for DUI, you need an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney that knows how to obtain the evidence against you and has the experience to defend you in court.

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