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Polk county DUI arrested by Florida Highway Patrol

Friday, I had a "Formal Review" for a Polk County sheriff DUI case.  The hearing was held at the Florida Highway Patrol station in Lakeland in one of the FHP strategy meeting rooms. On the bulletin board of the  room was written the following:
The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) is arresting a lot more drivers for DUI than in the past.  The FHP has been much more aggressive in their DUI arrests and have equipped their vehicles with cameras for DUI arrests.  But a DUI is subjective.  That means that whether someone is impaired by alcohol, is an opinion.  I could look at someone and say "In my opinion, that person is not under the influence" while someone, usually a DUI officer, will disagree and say"I think that person is impaired."  So if FHP is telling their troopers and DUI units their mission is to "write more tickets" or if an individual trooper feels that is the message FHP is sending, how fair or biased do you think the trooper's opinion will be when he has to make a judgment call whether a driver is under the influence or not, whether to write a DUI citation, and whether to arrest a driver for DUI?
That is why you need an aggressive Polk county DUI attorney that knows the DUI laws and how the Intoxilyzer breath test machine works so you can get the best defense to your DUI case.  Personally, I think it is a travesty of justice to have quotas.  An officer's job is to protect the public and uphold the values of our justice system.  It's fine to issue tickets and arrest people, just make sure the arrest is lawful and you have the unbiased facts to support the arrest.
If you have been arrested for DUI in Florida by an FHP officer or any other law enforcement agency, call an experienced DUI lawyer that will fight for you in court and insure you receive a fair trial.
A driver arrested for DUI only has 10 days to fight the administrative suspension of their driver's license.  If you have been arrested for DUI, call my cell phone now so we can fight the 6 - 18 month suspension of your license due to your DUI arrest.

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