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My client was arrested for Driving Under the influence by a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper for driving in excess of 100 mph and allegedly weaving all over the road.  After being pulled over, the police report alleged the driver had the odor of alcohol, glassy, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech.  The trooper alleged my client was unsteady on his feet, swayed, and failed the field sobriety tests.
Because this was a Florida Highway Patrol DUI arrest in Polk County, I knew that there was a video of my client’s DUI arrest.  In FHP cases, this usually includes the driving pattern and the suspected drunk driver performing field sobriety exercises such as the “walk and turn” exercise.  Retaining a Polk County DUI attorney is important for the defense of your DUI arrest because many out of county attorneys that advertise for Polk DUI cases, do not know all the little rules, procedures, and evidence available to give you the best defense to your DUI charges.  Experience matters and having the time to put into your case is important. Many times these out of county attorneys do not go to your court dates, but ask another attorney actually located in Polk County to cover your case in court.  If you retain me as your DUI defense lawyer, I go to court with you, not some attorney you never met.
I was able to get the video of my client’s driving patter and roadside sobriety tests even though the prosecutor did not have a copy.  By showing the prosecutor how the police report was exaggerated and that my client performed well on the “1 leg stand” exercise, HGN, and “walk the line” test, I was able to get the prosecutor to reduce the charge to Reckless Driving and keep a DUI off my client’s driving record.  Contrary to popular belief, a DUI does not “fall off” your record after seven (7) years.  A DUI stays on your Florida driving record forever and if you receive four (4) DUI’s in a lifetime, your license will be revoked permanently.
I also see a lot of aggressive DUI defense attorneys that are not actually located in Polk County put their DUI case results on their webpage.  However, when they post that their client’s DUI case got reduced to a Reckless Driving charge, that DUI lawyer will say “NO CONVICTION AS CHARGED!”  That means the charge got reduced to a lesser charge such as Reckless Driving, but that DUI lawyer wants to make it look like he got the DUI dismissed.  Do you want to hire an attorney that is not straight forward when dealing with you?  That uses language to make you think he is doing more for you than he really is in court?  Or do you want an attorney that has experience trying DUI cases, filing motions, and will be honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case?  I think it is important you make decisions based on an honest interpretation of the facts of your case and the case law that will affect the outcome of your DUI case!

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