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Polk County DUI attorney Thomas C. Grajek attends national DUI seminar

Last week, I attended the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer's (NACDL) DUI seminar.  I am also a member of the Florida Assoc. of Criminal Defendant Lawyers.  It is important that you retain an attorney who is a member of these organizations.  These criminal defense organizations allow us to network, educate criminal attorneys, and share ideas on defending DUI and criminal cases.  You need an attorney fighting for you that is up-to-date on the latest issues and trial tactics in DUI cases.  This fantastic and educational NACDL DUI seminar included the following topics:

  • Jury selection in DUI cases
  • Storytelling techniques for Opening and Closing Statements in a DUI trial
  • Cross-examination of witnesses in a DUI/criminal case
  • Gas Chromatography for defense attorneys (this is how blood is analyzed for blood-alcohol content and controlled substances in DUI cases including DUI Manslaughter and DUI with Serious Bodily Injury)
  • Cross-examination of the Field Sobriety Tests/Exercises and DUI officer
  • Breath testing trial tactics (cross examination of the breath test operator and Agency Inspector who is supposed to insure the breath test machine functions properly)
  • Workshops on all phases of a trial where we analyze and discuss issues in upcoming trials

These continuing legal education seminars are vital to the defense of your case.  The seminars are applicable to all types of criminal cases.  No other DUI attorneys from Polk County attended this seminar. Who do you want defending you in court? An attorney that continues to educate himself and learn the latest law? Or, an DUI lawyer that thinks he knows everything already.
If you have been arrested for DUI, call a Polk County DUI defense lawyer that is ready and has the knowledge to fight for you in court!


 Thomas C. Grajek  863-688-4606

Remember you only have 10 days after your DUI arrest to request a Formal Review or waive the administrative hearing to get a hardship license and keep driving!

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