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Polk County DUI lawyer attends NACDL DUI Seminar

A couple of weeks ago I attended the National Association of Criminal defense Attorneys' DUI seminar.  This was a an excellent seminar that was very educational.  I picked up a lot of strategies to help in the defense of my clients arrested for DUI.  The seminar brings together the leading DUI attorney from across the country to exchange ideas and new tactics, defenses, techniques and tips on defending people accused of DUI.  Not only are these techniques applicable to DUI cases, but to all criminal charges.
The topics we covered included:

  • Jury Selection - the most important part of a DUI or criminal case.  If your criminal defense attorney does not know how to engage a jury and find people open to your defense, your case is over before it starts.
  • Storytelling techniques - You need an attorney that can insure the jury remembers your version of what happened when the go back to the jury room to deliberate your case.  Tyrone Montcriffe was the speaker and is a master storyteller.
  • Cross-Examination - Lecture by Terence F. MacCarthy, one of the most respected experts on cross-examination today
  • Breath Testing Trial Techniques - Doug Murphy from Texas did an amazing job on how to attack the breath test machine and operator.
  • Field Sobriety Cross-Examination - Knowing how to cross-examine the arresting officer is crucial in any DUI case.
  • Gas Chromatography - Josh Lee did an excellent job in explaining the latest problems when it comes to analyzing blood or urine in DUI Manslaughter, DUI with Serious Bodily Injury, or DUI controlled substance cases.

In addition, I network with the other DUI attorneys during breaks and after the seminar to learn what is working for them in defending DUI cases.  If you have been arrested for DUI, call an attorney that puts in the effort to insure you get the best defense using the latest law to fight for you in court!

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