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Polk County Sheriff deputy arrests man for DUI for riding a bicycle with only a 0.04 BREATH TEST LEVEL!!!

This week, a Mulberry man was arrested for Driving Under the Influence for allegedly riding his bike down the street while impaired.  Can a person get a DUI while riding a bike in Florida?  Yes!
In Florida, a person is guilty of DUI if they are driving a “vehicle” while impaired.  Notice that “motor vehicle” is not used in this statute.  The definition of a “vehicle” determines whether or not a bicycle would qualify for a DUI, which is:
“Vehicle’’ is every device, in, upon or by which any person or property is, or may be, transported or drawn upon a highway, except devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks.  Florida Standard Jury Instructions 28.1.  Florida courts have also held that a bicycle qualifies for a DUI.  State v. Howard, 510 So.2d 612, (Fla. 3d DCA 1987).  This person could be charged with DUI.
Whether or not the prosecutor can prove was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and whether the DUI investigation was conducted properly by the police is a question for the court and jury.
How weak is this “DUI case?  It’s only a bike and more importantly, he had a breath test level of 0.04!!!  At that level a driver, or in this case a bicyclist, is PRESUMED NOT IMPAIRED under the law!!!  The DUI officer allegedly requested a urine sample, but what many officers do not realize is that just because someone blows under the legal limit, does not mean the officer can request a urine sample to determine the presence of drugs or a controlled substance.  From the police report it does not appear that a Drug Recognition Officer (DRE) was called in to conduct a Drug Influence Evaluation (DIE) in this DUI case.  That means that the Polk deputies did not do a complete and thorough investigation and did not even try and develop probable cause that the guy on the bicycle was under the influence of drugs.
Just because a driver blows under 0.08 does not mean that he must be under the influence of “something.”  Usually, it means the DUI officer made a mistake and a wrongful arrest.  I find many times officers that do not know how to properly conduct a DUI investigation and the field sobriety exercises according to the NHTSA manual.  These mistakes lead to people wrongly being arrested for and accused of DUI!
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