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What should you do if there is a warrant out for your arrest?  My client was on felony probation for Domestic Violence.  He had previously violated his probation and was reinstated by the court, but had violated again only six (6) months later.  This time the affidavit for violation of probation alleged that he:

  • failed to pay his cost of supervision,
  • failed to perform his community service hours, and
  • committed a new law violation by driving without a license which was in violation of his probation officer’s instructions not to drive without a valid license

My client knew that the probation officer had issued a warrant for his arrest.  Like most warrants for Violation of Probation (VOP), there was no bond on the warrant.  That means he would have to sit in jail if arrested on the VOP warrant.
Instead, he was smart enough to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney such as myself.  By taking action now, I was able to set a bond motion before the court and turn him in before the court.  This allowed me to have more options to get the best result for my client.  Get a turn in date so that he was not arrested when he least expected it so he could get his affairs in order before going to jail.  Two, I could ask the court to set a  bond on the warrant.  That way my client could bond out immediately and not spend days in jail waiting for his case to go to court.  It also shows the court you are taking your probation seriously and are willing to get in compliance with the conditions of your probation in your criminal case.  Three, and most importantly, I may be able to resolve your VOP case the day we ask the court to withdraw the warrant or to set a bond.  That is exactly what happened in court today.  I was able to explain to the court the extenuating circumstances for the alleged VOP and get my client’s VOP dismiss.  This mean he did not have to bond out of jail, did not have to spend one second in jail, and is back on probation.
That is why you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for your case. There are many things an aggressive attorney can do to make your case better and defensible in court.  Experience counts and a lawyer that’s willing to work hard on your case to get you the best results is what you need!

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Case 2011-CF-XX530X-XX resolved February 11, 2013

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