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Problems at Lakeland Police Department continue

The ongoing problems and investigation into the Lakeland Police Department continue.  The Ledger reported today that the State Attorney for the 10th Judicial Circuit issued a "No Confidence' letter for two LPD officers.  You can read the article here:
That means that the prosecutor's office will no longer accept testimony from Sgt. Raymond Lloyd and Officer David Edds.  These were the officers on my LPD case a few weeks ago where I brought out the problems with the DUI reports and how the police reports were sworn to under oath.  Usually, that means that the State Attorney's office will not go forward with any cases in which these officers are the sole officer giving testimony.  For some individuals, that may mean criminal charges are dropped against them if the testimony is critical to the case.
The investigation is still ongoing.  Hopefully, the thorough job the State Attorney's office is doing will result in restoring the public's confidence in the Lakeland Police Department.
In addition, two deputies with the Polk County Sheriff's Office were also fired today based upon their misconduct.

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