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Undercover police officers fired for drinking and hanging out in strip club while on duty

Two undercover Tampa Police Department officers were fired today for hanging out and drinking in a strip club while on duty.  Officer Ortega and Officer Madsen were in a strip club drinking.  When it was time to go to work, the officers logged into work remotely from a computer. The were on the Rapid Offender Control undercover squad.  As undercover officers they wore everyday street clothes and drove an unmarked car. Their duties required them to respond to violent and any in-progress crimes.
The officers reportedly were still drinking alcohol 4 hours into their shift and never left the strip club.  The supervisors were having a hard time locating the officers.  Once they found them in the strip club, the two undercover plainclothes cops appeared "highly intoxicated."  If these law enforcement officers had responded to the scene of a crime or high speed pursuit chase, it could have proven very dangerous for the public's safety.
So what happens when law enforcement supervisors discover such an egregious violation or an officer's duty to protect and serve?  Well, in this case, the undercover cops were allowed to have someone drive them home and no investigation was conducted!  Do cops let suspected drunk driver's have a friend pick them up and drive them home or call a cab.  So, the officers level of intoxication was never taken through a blood draw or breath test to determine their blood or breath alcohol level.  And of course the internal affairs investigation concluded there was no cover up.
Eventually, an internal affairs investigation was conducted.  While this was going on, the suspected cops kept their jobs, but in an administrative capacity and kept being paid.  there was only one prior incident for Madsen in which the City of Tampa settled a lawsuit for $35,000.00 for shooting a man (holding a beer of all things) with a stun gun.
Everyday I am seeing more and more police officers being fired or disciplined.  I just blogged about this the other day at
Recently, FDLE reportedly began an investigation of Lakeland Police Department.  How can this affect your criminal case when you are disputing the allegations made by a police officer against you?  These internal affairs investigations can affect the officer's credibility on the stand especially when it is the officer's word against you, the citizen accused of a crime.  That is why I often file Public Record Requests to discover if there is something in an officer's personnel file that may affect his credibility and improve the defense of your case.
That is just one example of what an aggressive criminal defense attorney does to fight for you in court!



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