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What is a temporary permit or hardship license in a Polk County DUI Driving Under the Influence Case

When you apply for a Formal Review, after being arrested for a DUI, to fight of the administrative suspension of your driver’s license, you will automatically receive a temporary permit to drive for “business purposes”.
If you lose the Formal Review and the license suspension is upheld, for refusing the breath test or for having a breath test over 0.08%, you can obtain a hardship license.  This will usually be for “business purposes” also.


a driving privilege that is limited to any driving necessary to maintain livelihood, including driving to and from work, necessary on the job driving, driving for educational purposes, and driving for Church and for medical purposes.

  • But what does that mean experienced DUI lawyer?
  • Can I drive my kids to school?
  • Can I drive to deliver something to a customer if my boss tells me?
  • Can I drive to an AA meeting?

According to the DHSMV, you can drive to and from work.  Any driving that is work related is also included, such as picking up office supplies.  According to the DHSMV, you can drive yourself to school, but not your children to school.  The privilege attaches to the education of the person accused of the DUI only and their educational needs, not any family members.  Of course, you can drive yourself to the hospital or to keep doctor’s appointments.  Under the defense of necessity, you may be able to drive to the hospital even if you have no driver’s license or the license is suspended for any reason (DUI, failure to pay tickets, points suspensions, etc.).  This temporary permit would not allow you to drive to an AA meeting.
It is best to do as little driving as possible or necessary when you have a temporary permit or hardship license.  Why? Because when you are driving down the street and an officer runs your tag, the DHSMV computer will show the cop that your license is SUSPENDED.  The computer DOES NOT inform the deputy that you have a hardship license.  You will then have to produce the temporary permit paperwork to the officer and give him the reason for your driving.  Otherwise, you are going to jail!
I have had 2 clients in the past month call me from the side of the road after pulling them over.  I have my client’s numbers programmed into my cell phone so I answered “Hello, DUI client’s name”, but it was a police officer.  The traffic officer did not know what a temporary permit was and had never seen one before.  I explained to him how a DUI works, how the hardship license is issued, and what types of driving the license covers.  The officer had never had experience with a DUI driving permit as he is not on the DUI squad.  Because he was a good, fair, and upstanding member of law enforcement, he let my client continue driving to his place of employment. Many people arrested for DUI want to know what is an aggressive DUI lawyer? How do I know you will fight my DUI for me?  How do I know you are available when I need you?  Thomas C. Grajek cares about his DUI clients and his cell number is 863-838-5549 so he is there when you need him.  Being available saved his client from being arrested and held in jail with NO BOND for driving while license suspended or for violation of a restricted license. In Polk County, FL, if you bond out of jail on your DUI arrest and are subsequently arrested on a new, unrelated charge, the judge will revoke your bond on the DUI and hold you in jail until the DUI is resolved!
That is why, even though the definition of “business purpose” may be subjective and open to legal interpretation, it is best to limit your driving to the DHSMV’s definition because your freedom and the outcome of your DUI could be at stake!
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